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Letter: Marquart misleading his constituants for politics

There he goes again. State Representative Paul Marquart continues attacking House Republicans across this state by writing partisan letters while continuing to ignore the needs of his own constituents.

Marquart has a warm place in his heart for Minneapolis and St Paul, remnants of the same burning passion that Democrats had in 2013 when they enacted property tax policies that protected the Twin Cities while pummeling rural Minnesota!

Despite what Marquart says, Local Government Aid actually increased when compared to the previous year, while legislation I wrote made a slight LGA reduction in the bloated city budgets of Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth. Our taxes legislation also used a portion of the state surplus to offset one-half of the school construction levy property tax for all Minnesota farmland; and cut the state general tax, which is a state property tax that all local businesses pay in addition to their local property taxes.

Marquart voted no, presumably upset that the bill reduced LGA in the Twin Cities.

Marquart apparently thinks that if the Legislature would spend more money on LGA that any proposed local property tax increase would disappear. To remind readers, he and his all Democratic friends did just that two years ago, promising that property tax increases would decline if the state just gave local governments more money. The result: property taxes jumped by an average of nearly three percent statewide.

Please, Rep Marquart, stop spewing your twisted political propaganda. Stop misleading Minnesotans to try and gain political points. Work on a solution that benefits your constituents for a change. — State Rep. Steve Drazkowski, Mazeppa

(Drazkowski is chair of the Minnesota House Property Tax and Local Government Finance Division.)