Q: Are taxes withheld from Social Security benefits?

A: Taxes are not routinely withheld from Social Security benefits but, especially during this time of year, a related question is whether taxes can voluntarily be withheld from SSA payments. Yes, you can request voluntary Federal tax withholding from your monthly Social Security benefits. Instructions and the required IRS form to do this are at www.ssa.gov/planners/taxwithold.htm. Voluntary withholding is only for Federal taxes, not state or local ones.

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Start withholding by completing IRS Form W-4V, Voluntary Withholding Request, and returning it to your local Social Security office. Withholding is by percentage of benefits, not a flat dollar amount. Available options are to have 7 percent, 10 percent, 15 percent or 25 percent of your monthly benefits withheld. During the year you can complete another form W-4V to change or end withholding.

The Social Security Administration has no authority to withhold state or local taxes from your benefit. Voluntary withholding is only for Federal taxes.

Social Security employees input your W-4Vrequest but cannot provide tax advice. If voluntary withholding interests you, discuss it with your tax preparer or call IRS at 1-800-829-3676 (TTY 1-800-829-4059).

Did you know? Embarking on its 80th anniversary of being a key piece of the nation’s fabric, in April, Carolyn W. Colvin, Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration released Vision 2025, a guide to show how the agency plans to accomplish and deliver services over the next 10 to 15 years.

“We must be prepared to adapt as technology and society changes at an unprecedented rate,” Acting Commissioner Colvin said.

“Vision 2025 is our way of making sure we keep up with these changes, and how we position ourselves to best serve the public in the future.”

Learn more at the interactive website, www.socialsecurity.gov/vision2025.

Based in Grand Forks, Howard I. Kossover is the Social Security Public Affairs Specialist for North Dakota and western Minnesota. Send general interest questions to him at howard.kossover@ssa.gov. Read his online articles at http://socialsecurityinfo.areavoices.com.

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