I’ve asked my four boys; “Who decides who’s cool? I don’t get it. You’re cool. I’ve decided it.” But what’s cool to do, we’ve all decided, is to stick up for someone who’s being made fun of just because they’re different. My boys think Brandon’s cool. Yes, he’s a rock star/popular football player but he’s also made cool by his treatment of others….like Josh.

About a year ago Josh’s mom, Cindy was ready to pull him out of school and have him home schooled due to excessive teasing from peers. Josh has a mild case of autism. Brandon who had stood up for Josh in the past, heard about this, explained the situation to his teammates and friends, and stood by Josh’s side until the teasing stopped. That’s cool. We all want that feeling to belong, to know someone is for us. God is always for you. He makes that promise in the Bible in Romans 8:31. Ask yourself that question and KNOW that God is for you no matter what you feel or who you are…everyday.

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Everyday Matters is a short radio feature by Debbie Griffith heard on over 100 radio stations in the US, Canada and Australia. The Detroit Lakes Tribune is proud to feature five vignettes of the feature on our online site for you to read. Debbie Richards Griffith is a 1985 graduate of Detroit Lakes High School. She is a national speaker, writer, wife and mother to four sons.

Debbie Griffith also writes an Everyday Matters column once a month for our Spirituality Section. To learn more about her visit: www.DebbieGriffith.com

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