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Local Sons of Norway give back to community

Sons of​ Norway​ Vikingland Lodge members​ ​(from left) Will Johnson, Karen​ Merseth and​ Carol​ Turner ​present a​ $150 check to​ Mark ​Gloege ​and ​Kari Stattelman of Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics to support their Fly Time program for special needs students. (Submitted photo)1 / 6
Sons​ of​ ​Norway ​members​ (from left) Faye​ ​Johnson, ​Carol Turner (​​Sons​ ​of​ Norway​ ​Foundation ​Director), ​Joe Merseth​ (president) ​and​ Will​ Johnson present ​Boys & Girls Club Director Pat Peterman​ (center) with​ ​a​ check for $200. (Submitted photo)2 / 6
Anna Sellin, at left, assistant director of Lakes Crisis & Resource Center in Detroit Lakes, welcomed donations for its clients that were purchased through Sons of Norway Foundation funds and presented by Sons of Norway members Beve Melgaard and Carol Turner. (Submitted photo)3 / 6
Pete Granger​ from​ Let's Go ​Fishing (left) with Sons ​of Norway Foundation Director Carol Turner and local Sons of Norway members Jim and Gerry Langemo, who were there to present a $100 check​ to support LGF's efforts in the lakes area. (Submitted photo)4 / 6
Local Sons of ​Norway members (from left) Karen​ ​Merseth, ​Carol Turner​ and ​Joe ​Merseth (far right) ​present a $200 check to ​Jack​ ​Berenz of the ​Becker County Food Pantry (second from right). (Submitted photo)5 / 6
LuAnn​ Porter (left), executive director​ of​ the United​ Way​ of​ ​Becker County​​; Abby​ Pettit, United Way board member and director​ of the​ ​ ​Becker​ ​County​ Food​ for​ ​Thought Back​pack Program​, receive a​ $200 check from Sons ​of ​Norway Foundation​ Chair​ Carol Turner​ and Sons of Norway Vikingland Lodge members DeAnn​ Gottsman​ and Bonnie​ ​ Mohs (who is also a United Way board member).​ (Submitted photo)6 / 6

Every year the Sons of Norway Vikingland Lodge in Detroit Lakes holds a silent auction in April, to raise money for its charitable foundation. Through this foundation, the local lodge is able to support important works in the community, helping to bring much needed services and support to those in need. This year, several local organizations benefited from donations from the foundation, including the Lakes Crisis & Resource Center, Becker County Food Pantry, Boys & Girls Club of Detroit Lakes, United Way of Becker County, Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics and Detroit Lakes Area Let's Go Fishing.

Vikingland Lodge is the Sons of Norway chapter for the Detroit Lakes area. They meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Meetings take place at Union Central Senior Living, 307 Lake Ave., Detroit Lakes, and feature programs that help its members learn more about Norwegian culture, gather with fellow Norwegians and partake in various activities. Anyone interested in joining this organization is welcome to attend the meetings. To find out more please visit the Lodge's website at