Editor's note: This story was reported and written by Inessa Hukriede, a Tribune intern from Detroit Lakes High School.

It was a custom tradition at Ron Beaton’s mother’s house to eat lutefisk before the big Thanksgiving meal. One year, Ron's brother spoke up and said no more lutefisk — the dog won't even eat it.

To prove her son wrong, Ron’s mother grabbed some lutefisk from the pan smeared it in butter put it on the floor and called in the dog. The dog ran straight to it and rolled in the lutefisk -- but did not eat it, as predicted.

Ron was one of many local seniors to share their favorite Thanksgiving Day memories with the Tribune recently. On Friday, Nov. 15, at The Center of Detroit Lakes, several visitors recalled their wonderful stories of years past, giving a sense of just how important this holiday was to them. And one thing most all of them had in common was their love for family and the food upon their tables.

Here are some of the other stories and memories they shared:

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Kathy Mickelberg: Kathy remembers a story about a kid in her family doing the dishes and taking the glasses of leftover wine downstairs to drink them. Later on he threw up all the way to the movie theater in Fargo. His parents found out years later. Kathy recalls all assortments of pies but her favorite was pumpkin pie.

Jay Wheeler: Jay had a six-week trip on a sailboat to the Caribbean and later on, Bermuda. He ate turkey on the sailboat Thanksgiving Day, and was grateful for finally making it to his destination six weeks later.

Richard Lundeen: After Richard’s family’s Thanksgiving meal, he and some of his family members would go out bow hunting in hopes of getting a deer. Richard’s favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving is turkey.

Dawn Lawrence: Dawn usually has Thanksgiving with friends in Arizona, but this year she will be in Minnesota. It’s her first Minnesota Thanksgiving in 13 years. Dawn is most thankful for her health and family. Dawn has lived on Pelican Lake for over 27 years, and she believes community is family.

Gary Brekken: A memory that stood out to Gary was lying down on a particular point, shooting Blue Bills, over 60 years ago.

Kay Schiller: Kay remembers her mother baking pies early in the morning, while she was still sleeping in her bed. Her mother made Kay’s favorite pie: A pumpkin pecan pie that she still loves to this day.

John Poehler: John’s favorite Thanksgiving memory was fishing on the Mississippi River with his stepfather. John was around 13 years old at the time, and the biggest fish they caught was 12 pounds.

Sally Williams: Sally loves all kinds of Thanksgiving food: turkey, cranberry relish, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, green peas with onions and banana nut bread, to name a few. Sally also loves to grow herbs, and one in particular: sage.

Pete Granger: Thanksgiving has always been special to Pete, especially the smell of turkey that brings up so many memories. Pete’s favorite Thanksgiving food is lefse.