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Nutrition students conduct 'blind' taste tests to top their pizzas

Lake Park Audubon seniors in the advanced nutrition class try to put ingredients on their pizza crust while blindfolded. They are, left to right: Cailey Rosing, Blake Polejeweski and Maria Miosek. Submitted photo

Are we 'blind' to what we are eating? This is a question that Lake Park Audubon High School advanced nutrition students were asked when they engaged in one of their recent weekly "Fun Friday" nutrition activities.

Each Friday, instructor Cheryl Hogie attempts to take the dull topic of nutrition to a higher level of student engagement, participation and thought. For this activity, students were placed into teams of three, put on aprons, plastic gloves and blindfolds. They received a basic pizza crust covered in red sauce and 12 healthy toppings from which to select.

The trick was that students could only use their senses of smell and touch to decide which toppings to put on their pizza, and they had a 3-minute time limit.

Students were encouraged to think about making a pizza from scratch rather than a frozen pizza, which can have added sodium, fat and sugar to enhance flavor, but not nutrition. Students also knew that they would be required to sample their pizzas, so they should select their toppings with care.

"This was a really fun activity and you should do it again next year," stated senior Cailey Rosing.

Students that complete the advanced nutrition class with a high degree of success receive an Articulation Agreement Certification through MState-Moorhead.