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Jerry & Monica Thunstrom

Jerry & Monica Thunstrom

This is a story of 50 years with your best friend. They were young when they first met. She was in 7th grade and a "hoodlum" kept throwing popcorn from above while sitting in the bleachers watching a football game with her friends. If anyone knows Monica, then & now, she will not tolerate being bullied by anyone. She was very close to "popping him in the nose." A couple years later Jerry spotted Monica downtown Detroit Lakes and told his friend, Leonard,"Im going to marry her". He was handsome and persuasive enough. Also, they had a lot of common interests: swimming, fishing, hunting, & archery. His dance moves didnt hurt either. They became high school sweethearts. Although their upbringings were very different, their love persevered. They married August 24th, 1967 at the First Lutheran Church of Detroit Lakes by Pastor Listug (he was an assistant pastor and his first time to marry a couple). Four days after the ceremony, Jerry left for boot camp. He joined the Navy and served the country during the Vietnam war. They had two children:Janet was born in October 11, 1968, and Joe on March 23rd, 1970. Jerry and Monica went through wonderful and difficult times together, but their love for each other was always there.