LP-A schools receive $15,000 grant from MDE


Lake Park-Audubon Public Schools received notice this past week from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) that a grant award of $15,000 has been awarded to its schools in support of their school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Initiatives (PBIS).

This grant award comes largely through the efforts of Kathrina O'Connell, a sixth grade teacher at Lake Park-Audubon Elementary School. As the elementary PBIS team leader, Mrs. O'Connell did much of the work in completing the application, and in having it submitted for consideration to the Minnesota Department of Education.

PBIS is a state-sponsored program that encourages an in-depth study of school climate as it relates to both students and teachers. Positive rewards are encouraged for positive behaviors, and the entire discipline system for the school is clearly defined.

LP-A Public Schools have been a part of the state PBIS program for the past nine years, receiving training from MDE and formulating positive practices that fit the individual schools in Lake Park And Audubon.

The elementary school slogan is: "Raiders are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready." The high school slogan is: "Leadership, Pride, and Achievement." Positive and appropriate behaviors are taught in both buildings for each area and activity.

LP-A Elementary School provides the recognitions of "green slips," "principal's awards," and "reward coins," among many of its positive initiatives. At times, students need to be reminded about negative behaviors as well, and procedures have also been put in place for this as a part of the school's PBIS program.

It is important for students to realize that all behaviors have consequences, and that the consequences can be either positive or negative. LP-A PBIS initiatives especially reinforce positive consequences for positive behaviors. LP-A Public Schools wish to especially recognize Mrs. O'Connell's contributions to the PBIS programs. She has served as the elementary school PBIS Team Leader for the past few years, and she has been a driving force, along with our entire team, in the revitalization and continuation of our PBIS programs. Lake Park-Audubon Elementary School received the State PBIS Exemplar School Award this past summer, and the notification that the Lake Park-Audubon schools have received this PBIS grant award is another sign that LP-A is moving in the right direction for the maintenance and improvement of our positive school climate.

Mrs. O'Connell's hard work and initiative is greatly appreciated. The $15,000 grant would not have been submitted or received without her diligent efforts.