LP-A district spelling bee champ takes 7th at state contest


Rayne Nguyen, an eighth grade student at Lake Park-Audubon High School, recently placed seventh at the Multi-Region State Spelling Bee, held Tuesday, Feb. 21 in Fergus Falls.

Lake Park-Audubon Public Schools conducted their elementary and district spelling bees on Wednesday, Jan. 18, at the LP-A Elementary Gymnasium in Audubon.

Competitions were previously held in each classroom for grades 2-6, and classroom champions were chosen. The classroom champions for grades 4-6 then competed in the school-wide spelling bee along with the winners of seventh and eighth grade contests to determine an elementary and district-wide overall winner. Ten participants took part in the spelling bee on Jan. 18, competing in both oral and written contests. A large audience of parents and students from grades 3-6 watched as the contestants nervously responded to prompts from the pronouncer.

Sixth grader Adeline Longtine was declared the elementary school champion, but there was a tie between Longtine and Nguyen for the district championship. A tie-breaking oral contest was held, after which Nguyen was declared the district champion.

Nguyen then advanced to the regional spelling bee in Fergus Falls on Feb. 7, where she also placed first, moving on to the state event on Feb. 21.