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A ‘crazee’ good time in Frazee

Fieros, and other cars, lined Main Street in Frazee Saturday for the Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show. PIPPI MAYFIELD/TRIBUNE

Frazee was filled last weekend with plenty of turkeys…er, Turkey Days participants.

With three days packed full of events, Main Street was bustling most of the weekend.

“There were a lot of people in town. I think the businesses were happy. The weather couldn’t have cooperated better,” chairman Jolene Tappe said.

“Yesterday I went out and did some final things and everybody said, ‘oh my gosh,’ ‘it was so great,’ ‘it was so awesome,’ ‘it was so fun.’ 

Whether it was the car shows, live music, water fights or crowning of royalty, the people of Frazee and visitors came out to support the 59th annual Turkey Days.

The weekend was filled with nice weather, making it enjoyable partake in activities as well. Quite different from the typical July heat, Saturday morning Dolores Smith Memorial Turkey Trot runners and walkers, for instance, had 52 degree temperatures instead.

Going into Beast Mode Saturday morning, there were 29 teams and 29 individuals competing in pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and a one mile run during the Beast Mode Challenge. Alicia Lokken was the overall individual winner, and the Green Street Hooligans — Kody VanDanEykel, Evan Wendt, Zach Nelson and Bruce Lemon — won the team portion.

Along with all the fun and activities packed into the weekend, Ashley Laine was crowned Miss Frazee, and Mollee Byer was crowned Miss Outstanding Teen.

“It really was a great weekend,” Tappe said. “Even Friday morning when I took a little cruise in the golf cart, I got goose bumps because it was like, ‘oh my gosh, look at all these people.’ I loved it.”

Tappe’s co-chair Rhonda Ueke will be the chair next year, but Tappe said she doesn’t know who Ueke’s co-chair will be yet. The theme for next year will be “Turkey Dynasty.”

“You can go with that however you want,” Tappe said, “because it’s our 60th Turkey Days and I think it’s a spin off the popular TV show as well.

“I know she’s already planning on a beard growing contest.”

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