Andrew Robert Vonruden, 23, of rural Frazee has been sentenced in Becker County District Court for felony first-degree burglary of a dwelling and gross misdemeanor DWI.

Felony charges of first-degree possession of a dangerous weapon, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, and third-degree burglary were dismissed in a Norgaard plea, which essentially means he pleaded guilty even though he does not remember committing the offenses.

According to court records, on Jan. 18, a Becker County deputy was advised of a vehicle stuck in a ditch. The driver, Vonruden, had left on foot.

At 12:48 a.m., law enforcement was called to a report of an intruder at a residence on 330th Avenue. Two people were asleep upstairs at the time and were awakened by a loud noise.

The male homeowner came out of the bedroom to find Vanruden holding a large crowbar. He started to yell at the man and struck the bedroom door, then broke the thermostat off the wall.

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Vonruden then went into the living room and broke a large picture window. He then walked over to the man and tried to stab him with the crowbar. The two men wrestled, which led to both of them falling down the stairs.

The woman had called 911 and law enforcement arrived and arrested Vonruden. The male homeowner had blood on his head and shoulder, back pain and cuts on his head and legs.

Prior to entering the house, Vonruden had entered an Ice Castle fish house and a detached garage at the residence. Doors and windows were broken, and hole punctures in the walls were consistent with the large crowbar he had carried into the house.

A friend of Vonruden then arrived at the site of the break-in, and told officers that Vonruden had gotten drunk, driven into a ditch, and called him for help. When the friend arrived in his truck, Vonruden had gotten into the truck briefly, then jumped out and ran off on foot. His friend had been trying to track him down since.

Vonruden was arrested and taken to Essentia St. Mary’s hospital to be checked out prior to going to jail. A search warrant was obtained for a blood draw at the hospital.

Vonruden appeared in court July 31 before District Judge Gretchen Thilmony, who stayed imposition of sentence for 20 years and placed him on supervised probation for 20 years.

He was ordered to serve 180 days in jail, with credit for five days served, Work release privileges were granted, and furloughs were approved for therapy and treatment.

He was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and $1,090 in court fees, along with more than $23,000 in restitution. He must complete counseling, follow all recommendations, and have no contact with the victims.