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Rollag threshers reunite for a steamy weekend

The big steam train loops around the Rollag grounds, giving free train rides to passengers making their way around the festival.1 / 8
Rollag is known as a "moving museum", as old steam engines are not only on display, they roam around freely around the Rollag grounds.2 / 8
The barns at Rollag are full of horses ready for show, as well as free pony rides to kids.3 / 8
This cabin built in 1871, is only one of the many pieces of history that visitors can explore. Only five visitors at a time were allowed upstairs, though, as the house is all original and no longer built for large crowds.4 / 8
Volunteers manned different exhibits around Rollag, like this one in one of the old settler's cabins where two volunteers showed vistors how the old sewing machines worked by cranking the side wheel by hand, sending the needle up and down with thread.5 / 8
The star of the show, the Minneapolis Moline was the featured machine for the 2016 Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag over the weekend.6 / 8
Volunteers providing old-time music add an authentic flare to Rollag, which is designed to give people a real feel for the simpler times.7 / 8
The small steam train may look like a toy, but this "toy" really works, as the engineer scoops in coal to keep the little steam engine plugging along, as children were given free rides around a loop throughout the day.8 / 8