Eating right, exercising, avoiding stress... these are the things that most people talk about when they're discussing healthy living.

But according to Wendy Gordon, registered dietitian and president of Detroit Lakes' Manna Food Co-op, there's a little more to it than that.

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"We are all three-part beings," she says. "Our spirit, soul and body need to be whole."

If one part of that triumvirate is injured, traumatized or suppressed, Gordon explained, then we are not truly whole and healthy.

"If you're not addressing your spirituality, your faith... you're missing something," Gordon said.

Likewise, if a person experiences some sort of traumatic life event, like abuse, the loss of a loved one, or a life-altering injury, the resulting emotions of grief, anger, angst and depression need to be addressed.

"If people never tap into their emotions, then you can talk about planning for a healthier lifestyle all you want, but you're not really dealing with the root issue," she added.

This Saturday at Ecumen Detroit Lakes, Gordon and a host of other vendors will be presenting a Healthy Living Seminar at Ecumen Detroit Lakes from 1 to 5 p.m.

Three main speakers have been invited to address the three different aspects that Gordon mentioned above: Detroit Lakes health educator Bibby Cummings of the Global Support Initiative will discuss the spirit as well as stewardship of the body, restoration of the body using natural remedies and God-given seeds, and more; life coach, speaker and author Sallie Steiele of New Freedom Ministries will address the soul and how lingering emotions of 'un-forgiveness' can have a lingering effect on it; and international speaker, nutritionist and author Dr. Beth Ley Knotts will talk about the body, weight loss and food as medicine. Lon Cummings (Bibby's husband) and Michael Knotts (Beth's husband) will share their personal stories as well.

"I was very excited when Wendy invited me to speak," said Stiele, a longtime friend of Gordon's. "I thought, 'What a perfect fit with New Freedom Ministries.'

Stiele said that every person's soul is made up of the mind, will and emotions.

"Everything flows from our heart - but all three are equally important for healthiness," she added.

Gordon said that Dr. Knotts is a former resident of the lakes area who used to host a show on the local TV-3 public access station. Today, she hosts a nationally known television show, "Recipes for Life with Dr. Beth," and is also the author and publisher of over 40 books on biblical health, nutrition and wellness.

"We'll also have some excellent vendors there," Gordon added. "We'll have someone with organic coffee, a third-generation maple syrup operation, a craft table, silk floral arrangements, essential oils, lotions and soaps... and our speakers will all have booths as well."

Of course, Gordon's own Manna Food Co-op will also be one of the vendors, she added, noting that the member-owned food cooperative is hard at work, preparing their new Detroit Lakes store for an early summer grand opening (exact date is yet to be determined).

Saturday's seminar, which is free and open to the public, will be held inside Ecumen DL's Forest Conference Center at 1415 Madison Avenue. For more information, please call Wendy Gordon at 218-234-7438, or Bibby Cummings at 701-936-1545.