When 17-year-old Gabrielle Splonskowski was crowned as Miss Wolf Lake 2017 on Friday night at the Wolf Lake Lions Hall, joining Sarah Aschnewitz, Kodian Harris, Kendall Krueger-Pierce, Akaiya Birky and Charlie Butler as the community's 2017 pageant royalty, it marked the beginning of another sunny, fun-filled Harvest Festival for the community.

Bruce Lemmon, Justin Wagenmen and Tim Mattesen were all victorious in their divisions at the annual Mud Run on Saturday afternoon, while in the Corn-on-the-Cob Eating Contest, 10-year-old Blake Nemec from the Twin Cities and 40-year-old Levi Yliniemi of Menahga came out on top, with Yliniemi winning his third straight title by devouring six cobs. Nemec managed to down 4 cobs in the youth division.

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The complete results from all competitions held during the two-day festival are as follows:

Susi Jarvi Charm: Annika and Andreas Aho.

Miss Wolf Lake 2017: Gabrielle Splonskowski

Wolf Lake Princess 2017: Sarah Aschnewitz

Junior Miss Wolf Lake 2017: Kodian Harris

Wolf Lake Jr. Princess 2017: Kendall Krueger-Pierce

Little Miss Wolf Lake: Akaiya Birky

Wolf Lake Little Princess 2017: Charlie Butler

Volleyball Tournament Co-Winners: Team 1-Lynn Impola, Naaman Impola, Katrina Hrdlicka and Marlin Aho; and Team 2-Billy Seaberg, Caleb Halverson, Emily Knutson and Melissa Shipman.

Coloring Contest, Age 4 and under: Holly Aho, 1st; Lily Loch, 2nd, Racina Anderson, 3rd. Coloring Contest, Age 5-6: Bodin Anderson, 1st; Helena Aho, 2nd. Coloring Contest, Age 7-9: Claudia Aho, 1st; Makayla Herbs, 2nd; Mari Lehto, 3rd. Coloring Contest, Age 10 and Up: Isabelle Aho, 1st; Angjalie Aho, 2nd; Kinsey Skoog, 3rd.

Mud Run-ATV Division: Bruce Lemon, 1st; Brent Wanderi, 2nd; Gary Johnson, 3rd. Mud Run-Sportsman Division: Justin Wagenmen, 1st; Dwight "Tattoo", 2nd; Bill Meyer, 3rd. Mud Run-Modified Division: Tim Mattesen, 1st; Dave Kriens, 2nd; Joe Torgerson, 3rd.

Corn on the Cob Eating Contest-Ages 5-12: Blake Nemec, 10, Twin Cities, ate 4 cobs, 1st place. Corn on the Cob Eating Contest-Ages 18+: Levi Yliniemi, Menahga, ate 6 cobs, 1st place.

Bean Bag Toss Tournament: Dustin Burkman and Harv Burkman, 1st; Lyla Burkman and Mickey Burkman, 2nd; Shallene Stephenson and Tyanne Jacobson, 3rd.

Raffle: Dorothy Ollanketo, Menahga, $500; Lori Lorz, $250; Jason Cross $100; Jeff Luedke, $50; Mackenzie Lorz, $50; Casey Graham, $25; and Shannon Norton, $25.

UNC 5K Run/Walk: Gannon Hrdlicka (1st overall), 21:42; Silas Olson (2nd), 22:07; Jolene Aho (3rd overall and 1st, female division), 23:08.

UNC 10K Run/Walk: Abram Josephson (1st overall), 49:07; Katie Aho (2nd overall, 1st female finisher), 62:08.