BENSON, Minn. - A Benson man faces 11 felony charges of possessing child pornography in addition to two felony charges related to his alleged attempts to solicit sex with a minor through electronic communications.

Bradley Christopher Alsaker, 33, was arraigned Monday in Swift County District Court on the 13 felony charges. His next court appearance will be Dec. 18 in Benson.

Alsaker also faces a felony charge for possessing firearms after being convicted of a crime. According to court records, along with a juvenile second-degree assault charge, Alsaker has a 2008 conviction for domestic assault and a 2006 conviction for criminal sexual conduct in the fifth degree, non-consensual contact.

Alsaker has been released on his personal recognizance with conditions since he was first charged with the solicitation charges in June.

Alsaker has previously served as rink manager and hockey coach in Benson and was on the board of the Benson Hockey Association when he was charged.

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The Swift County Monitor News reported this summer that the Benson Hockey Association, Morris Hockey Association, and Morris-Benson Hockey Association issued a joint statement terminating Alsaker's employment and reporting that Minnesota and USA Hockey have banned him from all Minnesota ice facilities.

According to the original criminal complaint filed in court, Alsaker is alleged to have corresponded with a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension special agent who was posing as a 14-year-old girl on June 6. Alsaker allegedly sent text messages to the undercover agent seeking and describing sexual intercourse. He also sent explicit photos.

Benson police officers asked Alsaker to meet them at the Benson Civic Center on June 7 and they arrested him when he arrived. Officers called the cell phone number used to text the undercover agent, and Alsaker's phone vibrated in his pickup truck, according to the complaint.

When authorities executed a search warrant at Alsaker's home, they seized electronic devices. They also discovered numerous firearms in the home, leading to the weapons charge.

According to the complaint, the BCA obtained a separate warrant to search the electronic devices.

When examiners previewed the devices, they saw file names frequently found on devices used to store or disseminate child pornography. Only a portion of the data was reviewed. Eleven videos are described in an amended and expanded criminal complaint filed last week.

According to the complaint, the BCA submitted the videos to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children last week for comparison to their database of known child pornography and previously identified child victims.

Two of the videos were identified as videos containing known child victims. The nine other videos had been previously submitted by other law enforcement agencies. The children in those videos have not been identified, according to the complaint.

The criminal complaint includes descriptions of the 11 videos, in which adult males and females, some wearing masks, have sexual contact with male and female children who are described as appearing to be 8 to 12 years old.