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Four felony charges filed in DL apartment robbery

Colby Vandenberg Smith, 23, of Moorhead, has been charged in Becker County District Court with three felony counts of aggravated robbery and one felony count of simple robbery.

According to court records, Smith was allegedly one of several men who brandished a gun and used pepper spray to rob three people in an apartment on Granger Avenue in Detroit Lakes on Dec. 1.

The suspects allegedly went to the apartment asking to buy marijuana. One left and returned shortly wearing a ski mask and holding a gun, demanding to know where the marijuana was hidden.

Colby, later identified by all three victims, then allegedly doused all three victims with pepper spray. One of the victims told police that about $500 was stolen. The three suspects fled in a green sports utility vehicle.

Police removed the three victims from the apartment, which smelled strongly of pepper spray, and they were treated on the scene by emergency medical personnel.

On Feb. 23 District Judge Gretchen Thilmony issued a warrant for Smith's arrest.