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Fisher believed to be the culprit in ruthless attack on Detroit Lakes 5-year-old

A five-year-old boy was attacked by a wild animal on Friday, June 8 at approximately 8 p.m. in the 800 block of West Avenue, according to police.

The child approached the animal under the presumption that it was a house cat.

The animal inflicted deep scratches on the right side of his face that required several stitches.

The mother of the victim described the animal as "black with an ear cut in half" in a Facebook post warning friends and other residents about the animal still on the loose.

According to conservation officials and veterinarians that observed the scratches, it is very unlikely that a cat could have caused the injuries.

A reported sighting of a fisher at Main Street and West Avenue by another resident on Saturday, June 9 suggests that the species could be confirmed.

Fishers are carnivorous mammals that vaguely resemble cats.

Police officers have searched the area but have yet to locate a mammal matching the description.

Detroit Lakes Public Works Department have also set up live traps.

Police are asking people to stay away from animals that are unfamiliar and to report any observation of a fisher sighting or a live trap with an animal inside.