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Construction update on site projects for DLMS, Roosevelt

While the school projects are largely focused on improving parking and drop-off zones for parents, buses and staff, there will also be a brand new tennis court and irrigation system. / Submitted photo.1 / 4
The bus drop-off zone to the north of the schools and Roosevelt staff parking lot at the northwest corner are nearly complete. / Submitted photo. 2 / 4
Construction for the Middle School Exterior and site projects began in early May with a hopeful completion date of August 23. / Submitted photo.3 / 4
The Middle School Exterior Project will improve insulation and lower overall costs for the middle school. / Submitted photo.4 / 4

A drone was able to capture photos of the work being done at Roosevelt Elementary and Detroit Lakes Middle school. All of the construction underway is part of two separate projects known as the middle school exterior project and the site projects.

The bus drop off lane on the north side of the schools is nearly complete, along with the staff parking lot at the northwest corner where the playground used to be.

Overall, the projects are meant to improve traffic flow, student safety, parking lots and operational costs.

According to Ryan Tangen, the target completion date is August 23. School begins in early September.