Homesick and curious, a Florida woman got an unexpected – yet pleasant – surprise recently when looking up her late-mother’s home on Google Earth.

“I decided to Google Earth my mother’s home to see how it looked,” said Denise Underhill, who moved to Florida from Tamworth, Staffordshire – a small town located approximately 130 miles northwest of London.

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Considering her mother passed away in 2015 and the property had since been sold, Underhill told the Tamsworth Herald that she was stunned when she saw her mother had been captured in Google Earth’s Street View mode.

And yet, there she was.

“I think someone wanted me to see this,” Underhill said.

Donning a pair of waist-high blue jeans and a floral-pattern shirt, Underhill’s mother was hard at work – baby blue watering can in hand – tending to her garden at the foot of her driveway.

“She was watering the garden,” said Underhill. “Just as she always did.”

Underhill says that after seeing her mother in the photo, she had the impulse to instantaneously call her mother, but soon after came to the realization that it was “completely out of the question.”