DETROIT LAKES Minn. - For years, hundreds of cars have lined the sides of highway 59 miles down the road, all for one reason, WE Fest.

There's some changes were made this year. Usually, people have been able to start this line up on the Saturday before WE Fest, but now they have to wait until Monday at noon.

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"Here I am parked out on the road instead of getting into Lake Sallie."

And usually vendors get to camp by their booth, but new WE Fest owners brought in new WE Fest rules.


Vendors, like Kelly McCauley, who runs the General store in the bowl, now have to camp with everybody else, and wait in line with everybody else.

"The only reason we came this early is we're gonna try to get close so we don't have to walk so far to get to our vending spot," said McCauley.

The walk is only one of Kelly's concerns, drinking is another.

"I'm sure there's gonna be some alcohol consumed out here, I don't know."

Which is the case about a hundred yards down this row of rigs.

"We call this ditch drinking," said WE Fest goer, Jason Dobler, "We've been doing it for quite a few years, probably six, seven years now. It's like a pre-festival thing it just kind gets you in the mood, It's just a friendly thing I think."

So this waiting in line isn't such a bad deal.

You get to enjoy three things; you've got your friends, you can enjoy a couple drinks and play some games, but when it comes down to it there's only one thing that really matters.

"Just be safe out there," said Dobler.

Advice that doesn't end on the curbside, but should be carried through the whole festival.

Campers lined up on the highway will be let in Tuesday morning starting around 10 a.m.

WDAY spoke with the Highway Patrol about the rules and regulations to waiting on the highway. 

Along with the line-up time and date being pushed back, the speed on Highway 59 is reduced to 50-miles per hour, law enforcement will have extra patrols out, and you're not allowed to leave your camper unattended. 

"In a nutshell, it's a safety thing, we don't want somebody you know that's maybe fatigued at two o'clock in the morning driving through here and not realizing all this traffic that's parked and maybe people walking around," said Captain Brian Cheney, Minnesota State Patrol.

There will be several options for shuttle buses to We Fest. To find those, and maps of WE Fest routes, CLICK HERE.