False rumors spread at the start of WE Fest weekend claiming that someone had removed and then ate their own eyeball during an acid trip.

The online story has been taken down, but it was originally attached to a snapchat video depicting a young male who appears to have a severe eye socket wound.

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Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander confirmed that this incident was never reported to the sheriff's department or any medical personnel on site.

"It was brought to our attention," he said. "The video was going around the campgrounds (at WE Fest)."

The same video was posted a week before WE Fest began on a different fake news website in relation to a separate incidence in Philadelphia.

Though the video was not taken at WE Fest, some fest goers still claim to have witnessed the events, based on tweets in response to WDAY reporter Drew Trafton who tried dispelling the rumor.

One of the twitter users claims that her friend witnessed the fictional event.

Whether it was deliberate misinformation or a rumor that got skewed over time, it was never confirmed by a credible source or media outlet.

The origin of the graphic video is still unknown.