Becker County Energize 2.0 (BCE), the movement of people working together to build a healthier community, is launching their website and a new structure.

"Becker County Energize 2.0 is an upgrade to the way in which we work together," reads a press release from the organization.

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The steering committee and community leaders are focusing on data-driven initiatives around the most current results of the 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment for Becker County, which included looking at data trends, completing a survey, and multiple focus groups reaching more than 350 people across the community.

Final results show the community reporting the highest priorities as being 1) mental health and adverse childhood experiences, 2) access to affordable housing, 3) drug use and abuse, 4) access to affordable child care and 5) tobacco use. In the past, the community health needs assessment surveys showed the community being concerned mostly about mental health, community connections and physical health.

The Becker County Energize movement includes more than 30 organizations and in 2017 engaged more than 800 people across the community to improve health and wellbeing.

Becker County Energize is coordinated by Karen Pifher, West Community Health Program Manager, and is supported by Essentia Health St. Mary's.

On the BCE website (, people can learn more about the community, it's resources, what has been done to address the health needs of the community, and access the most recent results of the community health needs assessment of Becker County and more.

The site hosts a variety of information regarding those topics on anything from a community health GIS map where you can check out hiking, biking, walking trails, healthy food spots, skiing, parks, playgrounds, fitness centers and more resources across Becker County.

This spring, community members will be able to watch on the website how Becker County Energize is making a difference, as the strategies, partners and data will be publically available on the website to follow along.

People can sign up to receive a newsletter (bi-yearly) and an email list will serve to find out more about what's happening and upcoming community health events.

Anyone interested can also find and follow Becker County Energize on facebook, attend the quarterly events, or contact Karen Pifher to find out more about how to get involved.

"Initiatives around each of the priority areas have, and are taking root, and you can help," reads the press release.