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Glander coasts to second term as sheriff

Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander is seeking re-election to his position, which would be for another four years. (Paula Quam / Tribune)

Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander easily won reelection Tuesday, defeating challenger Al Fowler 82 percent to 18 percent, or 11,492 votes to 2,547 votes. There were 36 write-in ballots.

Glander, who has a long career in Becker County law enforcement, won every precinct in the county.

"I'm glad it's over," he said. "I'm extremely happy with the results."

He said it was a clean campaign and he didn't expect anything else. "I wish Al and his family the best," he said.

Glander also thanked residents of Becker County for coming out to vote and supporting him, and thanked his re-election committee and family for their hard work on his behalf, "and my wife for standing by me the last four years," he said.

During his first four years as sheriff, Glander has worked hard on details of the new jail, which opens next month, and brought back the K-9 program, with lots of support from local businesses and residents.

He targeted elder abuse in Becker County and made it a priority for law enforcement to problem-solve with other agencies to help victims.

He brought back the Triad program, a cooperative between seniors, law enforcement and community groups, and he fully supported the drug and violent crime task force.

Fowler, who lives with his family on Pickerel Lake, campaigned on his military and law enforcement experience. He spent 24 years in the military, mostly in the Marine Corps, including 17 years on active duty, four years in the Marine Corps Reserve and three years in the National Guard.

He worked in a variety of law enforcement positions, including Sentencing to Service crew leader at the Becker County Jail, an auxiliary deputy for the Becker County Sheriff's Office, and as a police officers in New Prague, New York Mills, and with a military police unit in the Marines.

He retired and moved back to the Detroit Lakes area in 2015. He worked as a White Earth police officer until last month. He did not immediately respond to an email request for comment on Tuesday.