Boozhoo Anishinaabe,

I am Lainey Fineday. I am from Pine Point, and I'm a 2010 graduate of the Circle of Life tribal school and have an associate of arts degree with an environmental science emphasis from the White Earth Tribal and Community College.

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I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in science education with a life science specialty from Bemidji State University while raising five small children, and hope to become an inspiration to the younger generations of the Circle of Life Academy, since there has been a lot of negativity and fighting going on within the tribal government.

We need to be proud of our students' academic achievements! We cannot continue putting them down, when we should be picking them up off the ground! Report card data shows they are in the same percentile as every other school district within the reservation. We need to look at the environment we have created for them. I aim to build bridges and maintain positive connections with our current representatives and communities, so our Nation can begin moving forward.

I also aim to address, elder care, homelessness/landlessness, food insecurity, resource management, education, cultural sovereignty, environmental concerns, health and wellness, child mental health, trauma/crisis, crime, drugs and addiction.

Some immediate implications that I will address are notifying and encouraging enrolled members to apply for a leased lot. Immediate review of plat books for additional lots to be added for the members of the White Earth Nation will be discussed. If it were not for the enrolled members of the White Earth Nation, there would be no great Nation. Our members need home ownership. Our members deserve home ownership.

No Line 3: Petroleum hydrocarbon bioremediation methods used to clean up oil contamination can consist of using petroleum-degrading microbes such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and actinobacteria species, which cause disease, and illness which is an incredibly dangerous circumstance White Earth cannot afford to take.

It is the sole duty of the chairman to ensure the well-being and health of all members and lands. I plan to pursue state legislators to implement toll fees for non-members on our lakes that are being used for recreation.

We need to secure our natural resources for our future generations. The threat of invasive species infestation is something that we need to consider. Freshwater invasive species can have detrimental devastation of ecosystems on White Earth lakes and river systems. This should not be a White Earth problem: We did not bring invasive species here!

It is also no secret that poor water quality exists within the communities. Public access to clean water should be available to the villages known to have bad treated water.

I believe work plan schedule reports should be involuntary; we need to know the productivity of our employees. We need to manage our resources at every cost. This data will also keep grant funds coming in. White Earth can become one of the most productive nations in the country. We need to work to our fullest potential.

As an educator, I maintain high expectations. I know that every minute of a working schedule is planned out. Every single minute is accounted for! Job shadowing internship/externship opportunities for youth leadership in our communities can be implemented.

A reservation grocery store and a cultural resource center with Wi-Fi / technology access for each village could be of potential benefit. Research shows that when individuals are content with their culture, they are more than likely to be successful, today; many things require technology use!

I am scientifically literate in several topics, which include content covered in numerous higher education courses from WETCC, BSU and Leech Lake Tribal College. I was also a NASA student ambassador, field experience at Bemidji Middle Public school, Voyageurs Expeditionary School, and Waubun Secondary. I traveled across the U.S., and my most favorite places are here on the White Earth Reservation.

If elected, as an altruistic expression as an educator, I vow to give back a portion of earnings to a graduating enrolled student of the White Earth Nation seeking higher education.

I will present an award as an unseen gift a student will not have to report to financial aid. This scholarship award will help with purchasing a vehicle/securing housing for that first year of college or whatever that student may wish to use his/her funds for. That first year of college is always the most critical. Education is an investment that will always benefit our people.

Don't forget to vote June 4!