My name is Cliff W. "Bill" Crowell. I was born at the old White Earth IHS hospital and have lived my entire life on White Earth.

My first job with the WERBC (Tribal Council) was in 1974 when Chip Wadena had been elected as the District 2 Representative on the White Earth RBC, and three of the four Council members were from the Pine Point Community.

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Our RBC office was a rented space in the basement of the Pine Point Episcopal Guild Hall. We had two employees, Mr. Steven (Bill) Smith and me. We were executive secretaries to the White Earth RBC. The RBC met once a month and all five members received a stipend of $75 a month.

Wow, have times changed, and yes I am a candidate for White Earth chair. I am running not for myself but for the White Earth membership and to bring some Terry Tibbetts honesty and balance to this race and to the current RBC.

Some things I will work with the other RBC members to bring to you:

• Maintain an open door policy to all Work Session and Quarterly meetings

• Maintain a balanced budget in all White Earth programs

• Open up the Gaming Commission to White Earth membership

• Publishing of Quarterly meeting minutes in the Anishinaabeg Today

I won't make a lot of promises, you have all heard those before. What I will tell you is that all memberships ideas and suggestions will be heard. We need to start following Indian Preference (federal law) in all of our hiring at both tribal and casino levels.

On the Constitutional Reform issue, I think staying with the MCT is a must, but each band needs more say on individual policies of best governing.

One other thing I would like to see happen on White Earth is real youth programs for our children, like we had prior to Boys & Girls Club. RBC funded real youth programs, softball and little league summer programs, afterschool rec in gyms on school days and activities throughout the summer months.

We have many good RBC programs and people working on them, but we can do better. Economic development, to me, means creating living wage jobs for members and not having the RBC run everything.

Private business has to be pushed and brought to our members. Real economics is not "grant based" but driven by good living wage jobs. Privately held companies owned by tribal members with tribal employees is a must for a strong economy and good jobs for all who want to work and move their families forward.

In closing, one can always talk about what should be done and disagree with someone's policy, but without some ideas to fix it, all you are doing is complaining, in my opinion.

When our casino was built, it was proposed to train and hire our own people to run it. How many of our members are in upper management? We need to implement this now!

I am asking for your vote and support on June 4th and on August 6th, 2019!