Thanks to donations from the public, Durman the K-9 dog has joined the Becker County Sheriff’s Office. His handler is Deputy Daran Borth, a seven-year law enforcement veteran.

Borth said he chose the name Durman because it is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name for someone that is as brave and bold as a wild animal.

The 15-month-old Durman was raised in the Czech Republic and will be trained in apprehension, tracking and drug-sniffing, Sheriff Todd Glander told the Becker County Board at its Tuesday, July 16, meeting.

Borth introduced the friendly, curious dog to commissioners at the meeting. “He’s a really good dog, he minds really well,” Borth told them. “He loves to play - he just wants to play all the time.”

K-9 dogs bond with their handlers through play, Borth added.

Durman’s official training starts Sept. 1, and he and Borth will train together for 12 weeks at a K-9 school in Blaine, Minn.

This is the sheriff’s department’s second K-9 unit.

After six years without a K-9 unit, Becker County renewed the program in 2015, and raised about $36,000 over several years from residents, businesses and civic organizations.

At that time, the sheriff’s office purchased K-9 Cooper, whose handler is Deputy Cody Bouchie.

That K-9 team has responded to well over 100 calls, helping arrest suspects and find hidden narcotics. The team also won first place in a competitive K-9 narcotics-location event in the spring of 2017 and has collected other honors.

There was $15,000 left over from that original fundraising campaign, and the sheriff’s office raised another $10,000 in its most recent fund drive.

Between the two, the office collected enough to pay for the second K-9 package, which includes the dog, training and equipment.

K-9 dogs usually serve from seven to 10 years, and the second K-9 unit will ensure the department has continued service when Cooper, now about 5 years old, retires.

“I’m happy that he’s really good with people,” Borth said. “Kids like to come up and pet him.”

Bouchie’s dog Cooper is also friendly, and does well with kids and others at school appearances and public demonstrations. Cooper has become a first-rate tracker, helping find lost people as well as finding and subduing criminal suspects.

The county bought a 2020 Ford Utility Hybrid squad car for its latest K-9 unit of Deputy Borth and Durman.

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