Several area agencies were in Detroit Lakes Friday, Feb. 7, for active shooter training, including:

  • Sauk Rapids Police Department
  • Perham Police Department
  • New York Mills Police Department
  • Ottertail Police Department
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  • Perham EMS
  • St. Mary's EMS & EMT
  • Becker County Sherriff's Department
  • East Grand Forks Police Department
  • Fergus Falls Fire Department
  • Otter Tail County Sheriff's Department
  • "It's called an active threat integrated response course," said Travis Carlson, a lakes area EMT and EMS Educator. The course is organized by the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training. "The biggest key point of the training is allowing all three agent entities to work together ... And to allow each individual to know their roles."

    Carlson and the other first responders were trained inside of First Lutheran Church.

    This will be the third training exercise Carlson has attended through the center, this time learning the EMS role. His other two training opportunities were in Minnesota, but between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours away from DL. This distance is one of the reasons that he wanted to bring the center's training to DL.

    "Everything that I've heard from, everybody is ... they are very grateful that it's been brought to our area," Carlson said. He added that he is "the only one out of the 37 participants" that's had this training before.

    The other reason Carlson wanted to offer the active shooter training was because of "recent events that have been happening in our country," he said.

    "Since we are rural agencies, we realized that additional resources sometimes can be far away," Carlson said. "We are taking advantage (of this training) ... In case an incident was to happen in our community."

    The training included four different scenarios that take place in either a business, school or church; the top three sites for active shooters. Each scenario was more difficult than the previous one. After finishing the first scenario, instructors did say that all attendants did a really good job.