A 35-year-old man from Sudan faces federal criminal charges for assaulting and interfering with Border Patrol agents during an incident Monday in Fargo.

According to the criminal complaint released Tuesday in Fargo's U.S. District Court:

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Border Patrol Agents Daniel Dill and David Dorsey began questioning Deng Madit early Monday afternoon during a patrol of the bus depot at the 800 block of 45th Street.

Madit repeatedly refused to provide his immigration documents to the agents and eventually became physically aggressive.

During the course of the incident, Dill warned Madit he would be arrested if he didn't cooperate.

Madit slapped the agents' hands away several times as they tried to prevent him from advancing on them, as Madit had his hands balled into fists.

After trying to punch Dill, Madit ran from the bus station.

The agents chased him and a bystander helped the agents in subduing Madit before he was arrested.