The White House claims thousands of jobs are at stake with today's beginning of a federal sequester, automatic cuts in most federal programs.

Here are some cuts the White House and U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan say Minnesotans can expect by September if Congress and the president make no changes:

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-- About $7 million in general education funding is at risk, putting 100 teacher and aide jobs in jeopardy.

-- Disabled children's education programs would lose $9.2 million.

-- About 920 fewer low-income students would receive college financial aid.

-- Head Start services would end for 700 young children.

-- Up to 500 disadvantaged children may lose child care.

-- About 2,400 fewer children would receive disease vaccinations and 3,200 fewer Minnesotans would be tested for HIV.

-- Food inspectors' hours would be cut at Minnesota food processing plants, which could close plants off and on and lead to shortages of some products.

-- Nearly $5 million would be lost for environmental, fish and wildlife programs.

-- About 2,000 civilian Defense Department employees in the state would be furloughed at times, Army bases would lose $2.5 million and a Navy Blue Angels air show in St. Cloud could be canceled.

-- More than 23,000 people would not receive job-search assistance.

-- Air traffic control towers at some airports, including Duluth, could be closed overnight and airport lines could be long.

-- About 1,700 fewer people would be admitted to substance abuse programs.

-- Up to 400 fewer domestic violence victims would be served.

-- The state's elderly could lose $845,000 in meal aid.

-- Emergency personnel could receive less federal support when responding to natural disasters such as floods.

-- Federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, would be trimmed.