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Van and truck collide on Highway 59 in early-morning fog

The thick fog makes it difficult to make out the truck, rolled over on its side in the ditch. Kaysey Price / Tribune1 / 2
A fire truck sits back away from the accident, warning oncoming cars to slow down. Kaysey Price / Tribune2 / 2

Before the early-morning fog could clear, two vehicles crashed just north of town on Highway 59 today.

Preliminary reports say no one was injured when a van and a truck collided, causing extensive front-end damage to the van. The truck ended up in the ditch, rolled on its side, also with extensive damage. Car parts were strewn along the highway for a few hundred feet.

The fog was still quite thick as officers and EMS tended to the scene, so other emergency vehicles parked about a mile out from the accident to warn passing vehicles to slow down.

The Becker County Sheriff's Office, Detroit Lakes Police Department, St. Mary's EMS and Detroit Lakes Fire Department all assisted with the crash.