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Snowmobiler breaks leg in crash on Cotton Lake

At 5:39 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13, the Becker County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call of a single snowmobile crash on Cotton Lake in Erie Township.

The caller, 26-year-old Nicholas Hanson of Rochert, was the victim of the crash and was reporting he was the lone occupant of the snowmobile. Hanson stated he had broken a leg in the crash and was approximately 300 yards out from the shoreline.

Emergency personnel from the Becker County Sheriff's Office, St. Mary's EMS, Frazee Fire Department, and Frazee Rescue responded to the scene along with a side-by-side ATV equipped with tracks and a snowmobile equipped with a towable rescue sled.

Upon arrival, emergency responders became stuck with both the ATV and snowmobile. Existing snow, which was now snow-slush mix along with standing water on the lake from ongoing rainfall, was making rescue extremely difficult.

The Detroit Lakes Fire Department was then dispatched to the scene with the Becker County Sheriff Office's airboat. Through use of the airboat, emergency personnel were able to reach Hanson and get him safely back to the shore.

Hanson was then transported by St. Mary's EMS to St. Mary's Hospital in Detroit Lakes for treatment.