Keianie Blu Moore, 25, of Frazee has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony receiving stolen property.

In the same case, Tanner Lyn Christianson, 22, of Audubon has been charged with gross misdemeanor receiving stolen property.

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According to court records, on Nov. 8, a Detroit Lakes police officer received a report of a stolen iPhone X Plus taken from a residence in Detroit Lakes the night before.

Christianson had allegedly used the phone the night before and when the owner tried to locate it the next day, was told that Christianson had left it downstairs before leaving.

The investigating officer called the stolen cell phone from different phone numbers, and female voice answered several times. When informed the phone was stolen, she hung up and let follow-up calls go to voicemail.

On Nov. 19, police were informed that Moore had allegedly listed the phone for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and a third-party had bought the phone from Christianson for $450. The phone was valued at $700.

On Nov. 28, the third-party buyer delivered the phone to law enforcement, allegedly with photos of a text conversation between her and Moore, and she identified Christianson as the person who had sold her the phone.

On Jan. 7, District Judge Gretchen Thilmony issued a summons for Moore and Christianson to appear in court on Jan. 28.