Jacob Paul Carroll, 18, of Detroit Lakes has been charged in Becker County District Court with two felony counts of terroristic threats -- displaying a replica of a firearm.

According to court records, just after 6 p.m. Aug. 8, officers responded to a report of a passenger in a black Honda Accord brandishing a handgun at the intersection of Main Avenue and Lake Street in Frazee.

A man there had yelled at the Accord for nearly failing to stop at the intersection. The Accord drove to the nearby Frazee Event Center parking lot, stopped briefly, then drove back to the guy on Lake Street. The passenger, Carroll, is alleged to have pointed a black handgun at the man, raised and pretended to “fire” it three times, imitating the recoil each time, according to court records.

Others witnessed it, with one man telling police that he hid behind the door of his car because he “didn’t feel like dying today.”

The Accord was later stopped by a Detroit Lakes police officer who responded to the call. He pulled over the car and ordered everyone out for officer safety. He found a black lifelike semi-automatic BB gun pistol in the glove box, and also found three baggies of marijuana in the car, with a net weight of 19.1 grams. Carroll admitted holding the BB gun out the window, but denied threatening anyone with it. He admitted the marijuana belonged to him.

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He appeared in court Aug. 9, where cash bail was set at $300 or bond at $2,000, with standard conditions, or bond at $5,000 without conditions.