Lyman William Lowry, 36, of rural Ogema has been sentenced in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of making threats of violence-reckless disregard for risk.

According to court records, on Oct. 14, 2017, a tribal police officer responded to a report of a man behaving erratically at a convenience store in Callaway.

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Lowry was standing near the diesel fuel pumps holding a large knife in his left hand.

The officer spoke to him and noticed he was displaying signs of paranoia, talking about "snipers and helicopters."

After a confrontation, the officer tased him and arrested him.

A woman in the store said Lowry had been in the store and told her he was going to kill her. He threatened to come back with friends to "rob the store." The officer spoke to other witnesses in the store, including a man who said Lowry also threatened to kill him. The witness said that due to Lowry's behavior, he and another man shoved him out the door of the store and held the door closed against him. He said Lowry then wielded the knife and struck the glass on the door with the blade. Lowry then allegedly grabbed a gas pump nozzle and threatened to light a match and "blow you all up."

Judge Jay Carlson on May 20 sentenced him to 26 months in prison at St. Cloud, and ordered him to pay a $50 fine and $215 in court fees.

Lowry was also sentenced on a felony charge of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

According to court records, just before midnight on Oct. 11, a Callaway police officer received a complaint that a red pickup truck with no tail lights was following another vehicle very closely on County Road 21. A short while later, the officer clocked that red pickup truck going north at 90 mph on County Road 21.

The officer activated his emergency lights to pull the truck over, but instead of stopping, the truck sped up - the officer could hear a loud exhaust pop as it did so. A tribal police officer put stop sticks across County Road 21 and the red pickup truck blew by him at 90 mph, directly hitting the stop sticks.

The Callaway officer followed the truck east on County Road 34 into the village of White Earth, still at a high rate of speed. The truck eventually stopped about a mile east of the Little White Earth Lake public access road.

Lowry was driving and he and a passenger were removed from the vehicle. When asked why he didn't stop, Lowry told the officer that he "wanted to fly," and the passenger said Lowry had been acting crazy after huffing butane. His license was canceled as inimical to public safety. A white plastic container was found on the driver's side of the pickup containing 25 grams of marijuana.

Lowry appeared in Becker County District Court May 20 before District Judge Jay Carlson, who sentenced him to 17 months in prison at St. Cloud, and ordered him to pay a $50 fine and $215 in court fees. Restitution rights were reserved.

The two prison terms will be served concurrently.