An Audubon woman faces several charges after allegedly threatening her husband with a knife.

Katrina Starr Hanson, 18, of Audubon, was charged in Becker County District Court with felony second-degree assault and misdemeanor domestic assault.

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According to court records, on July 14 deputies were called to the residence after her husband told her he wanted to end the marriage. She responded with a suicidal comment. He did not respond as she wanted, she got angry and allegedly started hitting him on the head and back with keys on a lanyard, cutting his head.

He went to the kitchen and she followed and threw a chair at him, causing a scrape. She grabbed a long serrated knife and pursued him down a hallway to a bedroom. He locked himself in a bathroom and she threatened to break down the door. She was holding the knife at her side with the blade out and allegedly asked him "how would a knife feel?"

She denied in any way threatening or assaulting him.

Hanson appeared in court July 16 before District Judge GretchenThilmony, who set cash bail at $300 or bond at $3,000, with standard conditions, or bond at $15,000 without conditions.