The 412 BMX track by the Becker County Fairgrounds has been broken into so many times that track operator Melissa Krabbe said she can't even pin down when the problem started.

"Usually it's kids popping candy bars ... but this time it was everything," Krabbe said.

This time, it was the track's gate the broken. Krabbe said that the mechanism that operates the gate, candy bars, pop and ice cream were all taken; every door, cabinet and file was riffled through; and door handles and windows were also broken.

When it's small items like pop and candy, Krabbe usually doesn't report it to police as not much can be done, she said.

But when it's $5,000 in damage like this, she quickly gets the police involved.

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"Just the equipment that runs our gate was $3,500," Krabbe said. "Normally it's two-to-three hundred bucks by the time we replace doorknobs and that stuff."

Police Chief Steve Todd said that he isn't sure who is breaking into 412 BMX track. But he told the Tribune that "we'll certainly ask our officers to try and provide that area some extra patrol." Todd said the most recent incident occurred between Aug. 24 and 31; Krabbe believes it happened over last weekend.

Due to the damage and the broken gate, 412 BMX will not be able to host races until at least the gate is fixed, Krabbe said. The organization is a nonprofit, run by a small amount of volunteers, and they do not have enough funds to pay for the damages.

"Everything that we make we put back into the track and our main concern this year has been getting our track right ... So we don't even have enough money to replace everything that needs to be replaced," Krabbe said. "It's heartbreaking to know that you can do all this work and one person can do this to you and ruin it for everyone."

Get involved

Melissa Krabbe is searching for more riders and volunteers. 412 BMX has six adult volunteers and an average of 15 racers. Email or visit 412 BMX on Facebook for more information.

For tips or information about the break-ins, call the Detroit Lakes Police Department at 218-847-4222.