Authorities are investigating two incidents on Monday night, Jan. 13, where a man impersonating a law enforcement officer reportedly forced vehicles to pull over on rural roads in Becker and Clay counties.

According to Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting, a man pulled over a person near the intersection of 290th Street North and Junction Avenue sometime Monday night about 5 miles east of Hawley. Empting said police believe it is the same man who made another stop reported near Lake Park.

In the first reported incident, Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander said a woman was traveling north on County Highway 7 north of Lake Park when a vehicle in front of her activated white and blue lights in the rear window of what she described as a newer white Jeep.

Believing she was getting stopped by a law officer, she pulled over.

The man in the Jeep approached the driver's side of her vehicle and told her she had a broken tail light. He asked her for identification and also to step out of her vehicle to look at the broken light, said the sheriff.

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She thought the man didn't look like a law officer, so she asked if she could see his law enforcement credentials.

The man then went back to his vehicle and left the scene.

She described the man as 25 to 30 years old, 6 feet tall with a goatee beard and wearing a black winter hat and a dark jacket. She said he appeared to have a radio microphone on the lapel of his jacket.

Glander said if anyone has any information on the identification of the driver or the vehicle or has had a similar incident happen to them to contact the sheriff's office at 218-847-2661.

He also said if a person believes they are being stopped by someone who is not a law enforcement officer to call 911 immediately and report the incident.