Joseph Adam Crowell, 30, of Detroit Lakes was charged in Becker County District Court with felony third-degree burglary,

According to court records, on June 1 a police officer was called to the Detroit Lakes Walmart on the report of Crowell shoplifting. He is accused of failing to scan about $120 worth of items at the self-checkout there.

It was the ninth time in the past year he had been caught shoplifting at Walmart, according to court records, in spite of no-trespass notices mailed to him on Sept. 12 and Oct. 15, 2019, and Jan. 7, 2020.

A third-degree burglary charge is also pending against him for a similar incident on Oct. 16, 2019, according to court records.

On June 9, District Judge Jay Carlson issued a summons for Crowell to appear in court, at a future date that has not yet been specified because of the COVID-19 pandemic.