Law enforcement was kept busy Monday with two high-speed chases that started in Detroit Lake and ended in arrests, according to Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander.

The first chase started with a call to police at 12:52 a.m. June 29 about a man leaving an apartment building in a black sedan, after an incident possibly involving a gun.

Officers were already on the lookout for black Chrysler 300 sedan that had been reported stolen, Glander said. The Chrysler was spotted by a deputy as it traveled north from Detroit Lakes on Richwood Road at a high rate of speed, Glander said.

The deputy activated the squad car’s emergency lights and siren and pursued the Chrysler at speeds up to 110 mph. The driver at one point called the sheriff’s dispatch office, saying he had a bomb in the car and warning that pursuing officers had better back off.

Instead, a pursuing deputy executed a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver, forcing the Chrysler sideways and ending the pursuit in Richwood village. The driver was alone in the car. No injuries were reported. No gun or bomb was found, but there were fireworks in the car, Glander said.

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Lyman William Lowry, 36 of Detroit Lakes was arrested and taken to jail.

The second chase started at 7:40 p.m. June 29, when a deputy on Washington Avenue in Detroit Lakes saw a 2019 Dodge Challenger with Texas plates go through a red light on Willow Street.

The deputy turned around and pulled the car over on Willow Street, but when the officer got out and approached the Dodge, the driver sped off. He blew through the four-way stop at Rossman Avenue and headed south on Highway 59.

At one point in the chase, Glander said, a woman in the passenger seat yelled at a pursuing deputy to "help me!"

At Muskrat Lake, the speeding Dodge ended up spun around and heading north after an attempted PIT maneuver by a deputy. He then headed west on County Road 6 to County Road 15, where another PIT maneuver was attempted at the County Road 22 intersection.

The driver was able to maintain control and sped off on County Road 22, going through Shoreham and back to Highway 59, where he drove north at speeds up to 130 mph, until a third PIT maneuver was successful a few miles north of Detroit Lakes at Old Pit Road, Glander said.

The maneuver caused the Dodge to roll after hitting the ditch, ending the chase. The driver and passenger were both treated in the emergency room at Essentia Health St. Mary’s Hospital.

The passenger was released, and the driver, Tremane Santanna Latrell Rainey, 19, of Bemidji, went to jail.

Charges are pending against the drivers in both chases, Glander said, adding that Becker County sheriff’s officers, Detroit Lakes police officers and state troopers were involved in both pursuits.