The end of senior year is a busy and exciting time. We are all planning our graduation parties, trying to get our lagging grades up (last minute), and reminiscing about our cringey middle school years.

The reason I say "reminiscing about our cringey middle school years" is because of our time capsules. Our eighth grade English teachers have a cool tradition of having us create a time capsule to open during the end of senior year. Not only did we stick in some photos, we wrote messages to our best friends and letters to our future selves.

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Well, I had completely forgotten about these time capsules, and a couple of weeks ago, the English teachers came to the high school to hand them out. I experienced a moment of disbelief because I suddenly remembered writing this letter to myself, four years prior. My teacher had told us she would make a trip to the high school before graduation. I remember thinking then about how far away that moment seemed. I also vaguely remembered trying to give my older self advice and "permission to be different."

As you can imagine, I grabbed my packet and expectantly rummaged through its contents: some letters from my friends, a list of my favorite songs, a couple of pictures... but no letter from myself.

I was definitely disappointed, hoping to be able to laugh at my younger self and how much I had changed. No college predictions, no cheesy quotes, no nothing. While I still do not know where my letter is, I decided it would be a good idea to write another short letter to myself (to read sometime in college).

This time, I will not lose it. So here it goes:

"Hi Do Yeon, you've had a crazy busy senior year. Graduation is less than two weeks away (WOW), and I'm really confused as to how this year flew by so quickly. I'm very excited for you because while this chapter will soon be closed, you have so much ahead of you. This summer will probably be the best one yet, and in the fall, you will be headed to Boston (Class of Harvard 2023!).

"I'm a little afraid to be so far away from my family and my best friend, but I feel giddy inside just thinking about what's next. I don't know what my major will even be, but I think you will have chosen something awesome.

"If you happen to be in a position where you could use some encouragement, just know that I am really proud of you. You have achieved so much more than I thought was possible. Even if you've stumbled and lost your way, I know you got back up each and every time. You're probably so different from the person who's writing this right now, and I can't wait to see who you become.

"P.S. I hope you're still putting on sunscreen every day, and you should probably start cleaning your glasses more often. Love, 2019 Do Yeon."