Seventh grade Lake Park-Audubon students recently got “schooled” on how federal nutrition guidelines are implemented into the district's lunch program.

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Anne Skjold, the food service director at LPA, was a guest speaker in the Living Skills 7 class. She explained the various regulations and serving size requirements that need to be fulfilled under the federally subsidized program.

Skjold brought cranberry-raisins, cantaloupe and honeydew snacks for the students to sample, and she asked the class to help plan some upcoming menu items. She took the kids' ideas for new sauces and toppings that they would like to see added to the chicken wrap, Raider burger and Raider hot dogs.

“Students are more likely to try a new food if they feel a vested interest in helping plan or prepare that food,” stated instructor Cheryl Hogie.

The LPA School Lunch Program offers a wide variety of menu selections each day. At the high school, students can select from two different entrees, soup/salad bar, or a cold sandwich lunch option. In addition to breakfast and lunch, students may also select after-school snacks served in the school cafeteria/lobby each day.

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Skjold’s newest goal is to increase participation in the school breakfast program. She is forming a focus group and is seeking student input. For more information on the lunch program, visit the LPA website at