Area students earn academic honors at M State

Minnesota State Community and Technical College has named 560 students to its president's list and 566 students to its dean's list for the 2020 fall semester.

Students on the president's list have completed a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester and earned a grade point average of 4.0. Local students to achieve this academic honor are listed below, under their hometowns, in alphabetical order.

  • From Audubon: Sydney Heisler, Brandell Johnson, Angela Koltes, president's list; ACassondra Puttbrese and Alysia Schons.

  • From Detroit Lakes: Sienna Baratono, Josten Bellefeuille, Allyson Bergstrom, Joseph Boomgaarden, McKenna Burhans, Cameron Dennis, Kayla Drexler, Nathaniel Flugel, Brett Frank, Barnabas Harris, Maddie Hibma, Alexis Jesness, Brianna Johnson, Faith Keller, Lexus Lamblez, Andre LaPlante, Amber Lindahl, Carrie Lowe, Joanie Malecka, Christina McDougall, Keith Mernitz, Jordan Nolan, Savanna Paddock, Kaitlyn Peterson, Summer Peterson, Miranda Puttbrese, Kaleigh Reller, Brennen Sather, Pamela Satkoski, Jeremy Schoenberger, Cara Seaberg, Adam Simons, Gabriel Soyring, Angelica St. Germain, Emma Steen, Benjamin Unruh, Alexis Van Maldeghem, Evan Westrum and Autumn Wing.

  • From Frazee: Riana Aho, Candice Bachmeier, Vanessa Christensen, Jamie Kiehl, Sarah LaSart, Alessandra Matson, Alexis Moe, Josiah Mohn, Carli Olson, Ellie Reierson, Danielle Spieker and Shauna Wothe.

  • From Lake Park:Alyssa Anderson, Gabrielle Branchaud, Kristina Eiter, Toby Eiter, Liam O’Connell, Brittney Paulson and Jayda Swegarden.

  • From Osage: Kaarin Lehto.

  • From Rochert: Sarah Eckberg,Jack Hall and Kristin Sandberg.

  • From Waubun: Christopher Podlak.

Students on the dean's list have completed a minimum of six college-level credits and 75 percent of the courses in which they enrolled for the semester and earned a GPA between 3.5-3.99. Local students to achieve this academic honor are listed below, under their hometowns, in alphabetical order.

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  • From Audubon: Parker Christianson, Kelsey Dalby, Nicholas Donovan, Seth Felker, Emily Gigstead, Patience Johnson and Andrea Leitheiser.

  • From Callaway: Joshua Brahmer.

  • From Detroit Lakes: Katie Blaney, Jaylen Block, Mason Borash, Grace Bowers, Allison Bristlin, Casey Bunnell, Falyn DeBoer, Lindsi Erickson, Emma Fegely, Abby Gray, Sophia Gunderson, Adam Hammer, Alexis Hanson, Gabriel Heimark, Naomi Hibma, Abby Johnson, Noah Johnson, Jeffrey Jurina, Kayla Klatt, Leroy Lacrosse Jr., Annelise Lage, Emily Larson, Hannah McKagan, Robert Meyer, Lynn Nelson, Megan Oien, Austin Olds, Ann Paulson, Ashlee Rosing, Amanda Schermerhorn, Whitney Schons, Trinity St. Germain and Broden Ullyott.

  • From Frazee: Gloria Aho, Riley Aho, Jerron Aschnewitz, Christina Brun, Annika Gulseth, Brooke Jerger, Claire Johnson, Amelia Suhsen, Ariana Vedbraaten, Kyle Wothe and Madison Wothe.

  • From Lake Park: Jacob Amberg, Carissa Carlson, Ashley Fullerton and Mary Ullmer.

  • From Minneapolis: Alexis Tinnin.

  • From Ogema: Julie Chilton.

  • From Osage: Edward Salmen.

  • From Rochert: Megan Anderson, Taylor Brend, Lara Eckberg and Kerria Robinson.

  • From Waubun: Anna Paul.

Audubon's Johnson named to dean's list at Gustavus Adolphus

Chelsy Johnson, Audubon, was among those students named to the dean's list at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minn., for their academic achievements.

The list is comprised of GAC students who have earned a 3.7 grade point average or higher for the semester ending in December 2020.

Frazee's Samuelson earns dean's list honors at Iowa State

Chelsea Ann Samuelson, Frazee, a freshman in the veterinary medicine program at Iowa State University in Des Moines, Iowa, was among more than 11,000 ISU students recently named to the dean's list for their academic achievements during fall semester 2020.

To qualify for this honor, students must have earned a GPA of at least 3.50 (on a 4.0 scale) while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded course work.

Frazee's Mickelson graduates from UM-Crookston

Olivia Jane Mickelson, Frazee, was among those students who graduated from the University of Minnesota Crookston at the end of fall semester 2020.

Mickelson earned a bachelor of science degree in agronomy after completing all graduation requirements during the fall session.

Local students named to dean's list at NDSU

Several lakes area residents were among the 4,312 North Dakota State University students to be placed on the dean’s list for their academic achievements during fall semester 2020.

Area students who achieved this honor are listed below, by hometown, in alphabetical order.

  • From Audubon: Justin J. Beck, Will Jacobson, Rileigh A. Leininger, Carson M. Reep, Kaylee H. Swenson and Will B. Thom.
  • From Callaway: Megan B. Chromy, Jonah J. Steffl, Kalie M. Steffl and Noah B. Steffl.
  • From Detroit Lakes: Mason P. Blais, Katelyn M. Boehm, Kaitlyn M. Bridgeman, Samuel J. Busker, Kaitlyn S. Cameron, Aaron J. Conklin, Connor C. Disrud, Emma E. Disse, Makenna Duncan, Caleb R. Fagerlie, Blake Gordon, Josie M. Harrier, Madison C. Herzog, Hannah A. Jacobson, Elizabeth Lembke, Jonas J. Mickelson, Lindsey Moen, Dahlen Olson, Jocelyn Patnaude, Reed R. Reller and Addisyn S. Young.
  • From Frazee: Bailey B. Evenson, Brett W. Gildersleeve, Isabella M. Matejka, Canton L. Matson, Olivea J. Mcdonald and

    Daniel J. Willenbring.

  • From Lake Park: Rachel L. Grande, Hayden T. Hogenson, Garrett Kleven, Samantha R. Magelky, Bailey S. Mattson and Rachel M. Ullmer.

  • From Menahga: Trinidy J. Beck, Dylan J. Miska, Grant E. Tolkkinen and Hailey E. Usher.

  • From Ogema: Jake A. Jenson.

  • From Osage: Luke D. Kosel.

  • From Vergas: Hayley L. Courneya; Isaac T. Courneya; Jonathon C. Hoffmann; Abe L. Johanne and Mackenzie A. Ostlie.

  • From Waubun: Marie Evan O. Dela Cruz; Noah Paul and Tessa R. Zima.

A student must earn a 3.50 grade point average or higher and be enrolled in at least 12 class credits to qualify for the dean’s list.