'Father of Bride' is DL high school play

Many people have likely seen Steve Martin's movie "Father of the Bride." Well, the Detroit Lakes Middle and High School students have more to offer with their version.

Many people have likely seen Steve Martin's movie "Father of the Bride." Well, the Detroit Lakes Middle and High School students have more to offer with their version.

"Father of the Bride" runs April 27-29 at 7:30 p.m. in the George Simson Auditorium in the Detroit Lakes Middle School. Tickets are on sale at The Marquee or at the door.

Director Mark Everson said the script of the play is closer to the original movie in 1950 with Spencer Tracy and Liz Taylor, but it's updated with a spin.

Things like the wedding gift items were updated from the '40s, when Frances Goodrich wrote the script, and some of the language was updated as well.

"Some of it was kind of stale," he said.


The basis of the movie is a daughter getting married and her father stresses about the bills, yet they maintain a father-daughter bond.

"They're a normal family that gets invaded by all these strange characters," he said.

The play allows for some "over the top" parts including "a singing greeting card. The flower delivery guy wasn't interesting enough," Everson said.

While it is a comedy, "it's about a relationship between a father and daughter and how they survive the production of a wedding," Everson added.

Everson said he likes to select plays with big casts so more students can participate. While there are usually six to eight cast members, this play includes 22 students from eighth to 12th grade.

"This fit the needs of who we have right now," he said.

Some of the students he has in this spring's production include Bethany Haugan, who plays the crazy wedding caterer, Massoula.

"She thinks every wedding should be crazy," Haugan said of her character.


She suggests a Ferris wheel, a safari-themed wedding complete with monkeys and leads the chicken dance, only to stress out Mr. Banks (the father) even more.

Massoula has a French accent, which Haugan said was difficult to keep at all times. In fact, the accent shifts to anything European from time to time.

She said Massoula is one of her favorite parts she's ever played.

Tierney Michon plays the role of Kay, the bride.

"Kay is a young girl in love. She's rational and lovable. That's what I can relate to," Michon said.

"It's fun and emotional for me." She added it's like practice for what she'll do one day when she gets married.

Phylicia Johnson plays Kay's mother, Mrs. Banks.

"She's the stereotypical mom -- tries to keep everything easy and everyone calm," Johnson said.


Of course Mrs. Banks is excited for the big wedding, only bringing more stress to her husband.

And the man with all the stress, Mr. Banks, is Kyle Sebastian.

"He's stressed about having to pay for everything and about how Buckley's family doesn't give anything but Buckley," he said.

Kyle Sauvageau plays Mario, an Italian "circulation expert." He's in charge of guest flow. He sings, he dances, he does a little bit of everything, Sauvageau said.

"We've become like a little family, which makes it easier to act," Michon said of her cast mates. "We've all gotten very close."

The students have done several productions together since ninth grade.

Most of the students in the play didn't know a 1950 version of the film exists, but most have seen the 1991 Steve Martin version. And everyone agrees it is different from the school's play.

"They both stand on their own," Michon said. "They can't be compared."


Everson said those who have seen the movies will enjoy the unexpected things the high schoolers have thrown into their version.

"It's enjoyable," Everson said. "You can lose yourself in it for a couple hours. Especially if you like characterizations."

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