Technology can be a wonderful thing.

Thanks to an alarm app that warned him when his corn dryer was overheating, an Ogema farmer was able to put out a corn fire Christmas Eve and prevent much more serious problems, said Ogema Fire Chief Joe McArthur.

Ogema firefighters spent about an hour at the site of the fire, which was reported at 12:40 p.m. Dec. 24 on the 18000 block of 360th Street, Ogema.

“A grain dryer started overheating the corn,” McArthur said. “The farmer got an app notification and got a fire extinguisher on it right away.”

The damage was confined to the grain drying equipment and some burnt corn, but it could have been much worse, had that burning corn been augered from the drier into the grain bin, he said. The whole bin could have gone up in flames: Dried corn burns well and is used as fuel in corn-burning stoves, furnaces and fireplaces.

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“Lucky he had that technology,” McArthur said.