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Becker County seeing lower rates and significant savings from tax credits through MNsure

Good news on health insurance: In the Becker County area, the benchmark premium (the second-lowest cost "silver" plan available) through MNsure is declining nearly 19 percent, and those eligible for tax credits can see even greater savings.

Approximately 63 percent of enrolled households in Becker County are receiving tax credits.

"With lower rates in the Becker County area and significant financial assistance available, we are excited by the savings enrollees are seeing in 2019," said Nate Clark, MNsure CEO. "Our initial deadline is Saturday, Dec. 15, for coverage that begins Jan. 1, so we encourage everyone to visit to see how much they can save."

Nearly 700 Becker County residents have enrolled in private health coverage through MNsure thus far.

"We encourage everyone to utilize our new plan comparison tool for a quick and easy look into potential savings and available plan options," said Clark. "There are also MNsure assisters (in this area, call Mahube-Otwa at 847-1385 for help) who can provide free in-person enrollment assistance."

MNsure is the only place where Minnesotans can save money off their monthly premiums with tax credits. Individuals earning up to $48,560 a year, or a family of four earning up to $100,400 a year, could qualify for federal tax credits. Additional income guidelines are available on the MNsure website.

MNsure's open enrollment period runs until Jan. 13, 2019.

MNsure's customer service guide is located here. More information can be found at