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Frost reaches water main depth in Detroit Lakes; utility urges measuring water temperatures

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Detroit Lakes Public Utilities is urging residents to check their water temperatures as frost penetrates deep into the ground, reaching the level of pipes.

Most water pipes in the city run about 8 feet under the ground. The utility determined on Wednesday, March 13, that frost has now reached that depth.

Homeowners can check if pipes are threatened by turning on faucets on cold for 5 to 10 minutes and checking the temperature with a thermometer. If it's under 38 degrees, water must be left running at a small trickle until the ground warms up again.

It might cost a little extra each month, the utility's general manager Vernell Roberts says, but paying more now is better than what could happen if you don't.

"The few gallons of water they run will certainly be cheaper than the cost of a thawing out service if it freezes up," Roberts said.

To help the public test water temperatures, Detroit Lakes Public Utilities is giving thermometers away away at Detroit Lakes City Hall.