It doesn't matter to me who you vote for to be chairperson. I only care that your chairperson represents the best interests of White Earth.

Have your chairperson reinstate per capita payments to tribal members. Everyone should have access to casino money, not only preselect groups. The per capita payment may only be $300-500 per person, but it will be money to the people. The casinos belong to the tribal members, therefore the money should be given to the people.

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Have your chairperson initiate a Civilian Review Board for the police. Let the White Earth people monitor the White Earth police. Too long the police have had a tyrannical dictatorship over White Earth members, and treat people unfairly, immorally, and unethically.

Have your chairperson enable civil rights protections to White Earth members, because, as of right now, NO White Earth member has civil rights by any definition on White Earth. No Civil Rights protection means White Earth owns you and your property. Everyone in the USA has civil rights, but White Earth does not give you that protection.

Have your chairperson protect the rights and safety of children in policies and actions. Native children do better with families than strangers; stop taking children away from homes and work with the families to keep children safe and happy.

Have your chairperson initiate beneficial policies for drug users to break their unhealthy habit and live healthier. Have incentives for people to live healthy and maintain that health.

Have your chairperson redo the unfair employment policies in the White Earth Reservation. Current work policies and legal directives help the RBC, not the individual if they are treated unfairly. Have your chairperson instate a day labor for people, working on days they are able to work. Day Labor can work with housing, where people can be paid for helping their community and families.

People can help build the homes they will one day live in and own. Homelessness can be alleviated when people are building their own homes, working in conjunction with the White Earth Housing program. People that are proud of their homes take better care of those homes.

Have your chairperson clean your local water supply, water is contaminated, rusty, and unhealthy. The people can't drink, wash, or use bad water as it is a health hazard.

I would like additions to the council, more than the three districts need to be represented. Each and every community needs a representative voice on the council, more than the three districts because Pine Point may not know what Strawberry Lake, Ogema, or Callaway needs. Each village needs a voice on the council, whether this means having more council members or forming a senate to oversee the council.

The previous statements are from some of the larger problems on the White Earth Reservation, but I know there are many more problems. If you have a problem and want it known, contact me at the email, I am putting together a list of problems, so that these problems can be fixed.

My name is Leigh Harper, I have had many years of seeing problems on the White Earth Reservation and I know someone has to finally address them. I would like to see someone in charge who will tackle these problems. Me and my family are aware of our own native culture. I am a traditional Ojibwe dancer in many local and state powwows. My previous experience is working with children in education. I have worked with elders and patients as a healthcare representative in the White Earth communities.

My college schooling is in pre-med, with a major in biology, chemistry, with minors in child development and education. I have legal experience working in federal, state and tribal courts. I have attended many cultural events and political events within Native American communities with emphasis on the White Earth reservation.

Once again, I do not care who you choose to vote for, but please keep in mind the election should not be a popularity contest, but what we need in White Earth is a chairperson who will address the problems our reservation faces. Vote for a chairperson who will fight for the people, research the candidates and vote for the person who instills the most confidence in repairing White Earth.