Becker County crime and fire report: July 1-4

Man loses fingers in fireworks accident, shots fired in Frazee, inmates get in trouble for text harassment

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Friday, July 1

  • 3:11 p.m., A man lost fingers in a firework accident at a residence along County Highway 34, Ogema. The 41-year-old man from Montana was testing fireworks by holding a tube when the firework exploded in his hand.
  • 3:20 p.m., A large box truck rear-ended a Dodge Ram pickup truck when the truck slowed to make a southbound turn on Highland Drive.
  • 4:52 p.m., Outdoor grill caught on fire along Long Avenue, Detroit Lakes. The fire was put out with a fire extinguisher.
  • 6:26 p.m., Vehicle was reported missing from a residence along Brandy Lake Boulevard, Detroit Lakes. The 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe was later found parked along a roadway.
  • 6:45 p.m., Gate and chain had been removed along Yellowhead Trail, Ogema.
  • 10:16 p.m., ATV accident was reported along NE Rock Lake Road in Holmesville Township. The ATV left the roadway at a corner, struck a tree and then rolled. Both the driver, Casey Joe Arneson, 27, and passenger, Joseph Edward Starkey, 29, of Mahnomen, were wearing seat belts, but neither were wearing helmets. Arneson was pronounced deceased at the scene and Starkey had non-life threatening injuries.
  • 10:28 p.m., Person tried using a fake ID to purchase alcohol at a business along Highway 10, Detroit Lakes. The person was gone when officers arrived.
  • 11:03 p.m., Motorcycle crash was reported along Highway 34. The report did not have ages of those involved, but noted that the person on the motorcycle was moving and conscious.
  • 11:35 p.m., Person tried using a fake ID to purchase alcohol at a business along Highway 10, Detroit Lakes. The person was gone when officers arrived.
  • 11:54 p.m., Person reported another person had overdosed at a residence on Bear Clan Drive, Ogema. Medical was refused.

Saturday, July 2

  • 10:31 a.m., Two front entrance windows and one side window were broken at a church in White Earth. There were no signs the vandal entered the building.
  • 11:26 a.m., Forged check for $915 was reported by a resident along Lake Avenue, Detroit Lakes.
  • 4:07 p.m., Prescription medications were taken from a parked vehicle on Oak Grove Avenue, Detroit Lakes.
  • 4:52 p.m., Fire was reportedly started at a residence near Strawberry Lake, Ogema. The caller called back and informed the dispatcher they were able to extinguish the fire.
  • 5:59 p.m., Resident along Fourth Street, Frazee, reported a house-for-rent scam. The person sent personal information as part of the application process.
  • 10:40 p.m., Treadmill was outside of a garage along West River Road, Detroit Lakes, and it was reported stolen.

Sunday, July 3

  • 2:18 a.m., Shots were fired along Wannigan Road, Frazee. Caller stated a man in a white pickup shot at a person in another vehicle and attempted to take their alcohol and jewelry. The same call also reported a male, 17, had been beaten up at a party, and kicked in the head. The teen had a seizure before running off into the woods. The officer report stated the teen who was injured in a fight was located and went to the hospital. The incident is under investigation.
  • 6:15 a.m., Vehicle was found in the ditch with airbags deployed along Tosten Erickson Lane, Lake Park. The owner was contacted and he informed officers that his daughter was driving the vehicle when it went into the ditch. No injuries were reported.
  • 1:49 p.m., Pickup truck window was reportedly broken along Eighth Street, Detroit Lakes.
  • 9:12 p.m., Fire was reported in a dumpster along Loon Drive, Ogema. Neighbors put the fire out.
  • 10:11 p.m., Inmates at the Becker County Jail were texting a person making pen pal requests. The texts were reported and the inmates lost their phone privileges.

Monday, July 4

  • 10:28 a.m., People witnessed a small dog get mauled by larger dogs at a residence along Cedar Avenue, Frazee. Incident is under investigation.
  • 11:32 a.m., Diesel was stolen from a truck along County Road 117, Osage. An estimated 11 or 12 gallons were taken and the gas cap was found on the ground.
  • 1:31 p.m., Scoutmaster reported an 18-year-old scout had an emotional breakdown and pulled a knife on another scout along Many Point Scout Camp Road, Ponsford. No injuries were reported, but the incident is under investigation.
  • 2:55 p.m., Adults had alcohol in a Detroit Lakes park. The group was informed they were breaking the law. After which, the adults dumped the alcohol out.
  • 5:57 p.m., Two males were arrested for a minor consumption at a business along Rossman Avenue, Detroit Lakes.
  •  6 p.m., Motorcycle struck a deer on State Highway 87, Frazee. The 2014 Harley Davidson was driven by a 74-year-old man. The passenger was a 72-year-old woman. One was sent to the emergency room, but the report did not state which one.
  • 11:54 p.m., Female boater on Detroit Lakes was cited for disorderly conduct and taken to jail. The 57-year-old woman was from Twin Valley.

Tuesday, July 5

  • 11:17 a.m., Caller reported someone stole his helmet and bag. While the city crew were cleaning the streets, the items were found and returned to the person.
  • 11:24 a.m., Male fell off a ladder at a residence on County Highway 32, Rochert. The man was breathing but coughing up blood. Life Link helicopter was called to transport the injured man, for which no age was given.
  • 3:51 p.m., Male, 78, collapsed at a residence along 170th Street, Frazee. The man stopped breathing and the family began transporting the person to the hospital in a personal vehicle. Ambulance was dispatched to meet family enroute to Perham Health, where the Life Link helicopter was also waiting for them if the service was needed.
  • 4:15 p.m., Male, 18, threatened to shoot a 17-year-old male from Lake Park because he drove two people to Menahga.
  • 4:37 p.m., Male, 17, broke a TV at a residence along Fourth Street, Lake Park. The owner of the TV wanted to press charges and the teen was arrested.
  • 4:45 p.m., Male, 24, received harassing messages from a 20-year-old ex-girlfriend. They both had an order for protection against one another.
  • 4:51 p.m., Fire alarm went off at the community center in Ogema. It was determined a child pulled the alarm.
  • 5:35 p.m., Jeep Cherokee was driving through a farmer’s field along County Road 134, Frazee. Crops and some trees were reported damaged. After the driver was located, the property owner declined pressing charges and noted the individual had medical issues recently.
  • 10:05 p.m., The pursuit of a purple Dodge Avenger on Highland Drive, Detroit Lakes was reported. The police log stated the officers were with the driver, but did not state why the person was being pursued or if the person was arrested.
  • 11:28 p.m., Stop sign was stolen from the intersection of County Road 104 and 230th Avenue, Detroit Lakes.
  • 11:30 p.m., Woman, 48, was running in and out of the woods near a residence along 400th Avenue, Waubun. The 43-year-old female caller thought the behavior was strange and the woman may also be tampering with her vehicle.

Wednesday, July 6

  • 6:55 a.m., Hay bale was on fire in a field along 175th Street, Audubon. The property owners saw a black vehicle in the field and heard fireworks discharged. They didn’t know who was in the field or recognize the vehicle.
  • 9:08 a.m., Boat trailer was reported damaged at a residence along 185th Street, Detroit Lakes. The caller stated the brake lines had been ripped out, grease caps pulled and the axle seized had up.
  • 12:01 p.m., Theft was reported at a store along County Highway 21, Ogema. What was stolen or the amount of items stolen was not in the report.
  • 2:50 p.m., Chevrolet pickup truck driven by a 69-year-old man struck three parked cars along East Shore Drive, Detroit Lakes. The man was transported to the hospital.
  • 3:28 p.m., Dog was noted to be underweight and with an injured back leg at a residence in Callaway. Officer observed the dog, which was transported to a foster care home, and recommended the animal not be returned to its owner.
  • 5:42 p.m., Meth pipe was found along Old Pit Road, Detroit Lakes.
  • 6:02 p.m., A 17-year-old female reportedly swerved a vehicle towards her 16-year-old niece and two of her friends while they were walking on 295th Avenue in Waubun. The niece has an order for protection in place.
  • 8:54 p.m., Hat was taken from a 15-year-old male by a 16-year-old male on the corner of Andrews Avenue and Union Street, Detroit Lakes. The victim called in stating a robbery had occurred.
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