Becker County crime and fire report: May 23-25

Dog walker reports having gun pulled on him, farm equipment takes down power poles, a gas line was struck during construction in downtown Detroit Lakes and other reports from the Detroit Lakes Police Department and Becker County Sheriff's Office

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Monday, May 23

12:19 a.m., Three vehicles were parked in a parking lot along Highway 34 and the caller thought it was suspicious. An officer visited with the individuals in the cars and it was noted they were looking at stars.
6:15 a.m., Man walking a dog along Mission Road, Ogema, said a vehicle stopped and an older man pointed a gun at him.
1:31 p.m., Vacant old school building along Sugar Bush Road, Ogema, was broken into and furniture valued at $600 was taken. It was noted the doors were secured but a window was broken on the side of the building.
1:44 p.m., Children reportedly started trash on fire in Ogema. Children were talked to by an officer.
2:53 p.m., Daughter was being harassed by other children at Lake Park High School.
3:25 p.m., Children were reportedly throwing glass and boards on Bear Clan Drive, Ogema. Two children were talked to and informed charges would happen if the behavior continued. The White Earth street department then swept the glass off the road.
5:39 p.m., Natural gas smell was reported along Lake Street, Frazee. The area was checked and cleared.
6:27 p.m., Person was kicking and hitting buildings and other items, as well as screaming and yelling along Fourth Street, Lake Park.
10:57 p.m., Juvenile was banging on a door along Main Avenue, Frazee and then running off. Individual was located and brought home.
9:50 a.m., Barbed wire was cut at a business along 10th Avenue, Detroit Lakes. It was noted there was a metal scrap bin on the property, and the caller believed that was the target of the person who cut the fencing.

Tuesday, May 24

9:27 a.m., Mother reported her son was assaulted near a playground on Hickory Avenue, Frazee. Officers are investigating the call.
11:02 a.m., Caller in Lake Park stated her daughter was being harassed at school and no one was addressing it. Caller was informed of harassment restraining order options.
12:45 p.m., Theft of a fountain soda pop was reported at a store on Lake Street, Frazee. The individual was issued a no trespass order by the store.
1:01 p.m., Medivan driving on Highway 34 struck something in the road and was leaking gas. The car was disabled, but no injuries were reported.
1:14 p.m., Grandparent living on West River Road, Detroit Lakes reported an attempted scam.
1:33 p.m., Farm spraying equipment was traveling on Kolb Street, Ogema, when it hooked a wire. As it continued traveling down the road, two poles were struck and fell.
1:37 p.m., People trying to sell items in a parking lot located along Highway 10, Detroit Lakes. Multiple callers reported the incident, but the individuals had left before officers arrived.
5:17 p.m., Windows in a vehicle were broken along Holmes Street, Detroit Lakes.
8:18 p.m., Caller in Ponsford suspected someone had stolen money from his account, then acknowledged he had cashed out a 401K and hadn’t kept track of what he had spent.
9:24 p.m., Fire in a hay bail was reported along County Highway 5.

Wednesday, May 25

7:39 a.m., Male with a pellet gun was causing a disturbance in Ogema. White Earth Police Department confiscated the gun.
10:10 a.m., Gate was cut and tires stolen from a business along Marten Drive, Ogema.
10:28 p.m., Assault was reported at Lake Park-Audubon High School. Lake Park Police Department is investigating the incident.
1:33 p.m., Gas line was struck during construction along Washington Avenue, Detroit Lakes. The gas leak was fixed immediately.
2:11 p.m., Full five-gallon gas can was stolen off of a deck along Eighth Street, Detroit Lakes.
6:24 p.m., Person living on Oak Avenue, Frazee, was burning garbage in their backyard. The individual was informed not to burn garbage, only wood, and to keep the fire small.
5:21 p.m., Propane tank was stolen from a driveway along West Avenue, Detroit Lakes.
10:04 p.m., Woman’s purse was stolen at a business along Highway 10, Detroit Lakes. The purse had the woman’s driver’s license, $1,400 cash and a credit card. The incident is being investigated by the Detroit Lakes Police Department.

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