Crime and Fire report: Detroit Lakes man accosts referee at Lake Park-Audubon basketball game

On Friday, Jan. 14 at 9:14 a.m., on the 600 block of 4th Street, Audubon, a caller reported the previous night a 45-year-old Detroit Lakes man became unruly during a high school basketball game. The man made obscene gestures with both hands and grabbed a 71-year-old referee during the game. No injuries were reported and the incident remains under investigation.

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The following reports were compiled from the Becker County Sheriff’s Office and Detroit Lakes Police Department from an official with knowledge of the cases, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, Jan. 13

5:04 a.m., 16000 block Highway 10, Detroit Lakes, an intoxicated man was making threats of self-harm. After officers spoke to the man it was determined that he was not suicidal. He was advised to “sober up” before attempting to drive home.
9:31 a.m., 1200 block Jackson Avenue, Detroit Lakes, a vehicle reportedly backed into the garage door of an apartment building.
10:02 a.m., 31000 block County Road 35, Ponsford, a caller alleged a property owner was intentionally pushing snow onto groomed snowmobile trails.
10:40 a.m., near Minneapolis, a stolen firearm from the White Earth area was recovered by Minneapolis police as part of an ongoing investigation.
11:44 a.m., 30000 block Highway 10, Frazee, phone scam. The caller gave the scammer their Social Security information. They were advised to contact the Social Security Administration’s Fraud Department and visit: .
4:34 p.m., 55000 block 175th Street, Menahga, threatening text messages were received by the caller. The case is under investigation.
5:22 p.m., at Essentia Health St. Mary’s at 1027 south Washington Avenue, Detroit Lakes, hospital staff reported evidence of an assault. The victim refused to provide a statement to law enforcement.
9:19 p.m., 28000 block County Road 34, Callaway, an individual reported inappropriate sexual conduct involving a juvenile that occurred several years ago. The case is under investigation.
9:44 p.m., near Mission Road and County Road 21, Ogema, pursuit. A vehicle refused to yield for a stop sign violation. Upon rolling to a slow stop, two vehicle occupants fled on-foot and are currently at-large.
10:22 p.m., 48000 block Pow Wow Highway, Ponsford, suicide related. A 35-year-old man threatening self-harm was transported to a nearby medical clinic for evaluation.

Friday, Jan. 14

2:21 a.m., 200 block Cherry Ridge Drive, Detroit Lakes, a woman claimed her boyfriend assaulted her. Officers found the report to be not credible.
5:48 a.m., near County Road 39 and Niemi Drive, Osage, a vehicle was reported off the roadway and apparently abandoned. The vehicle owner said they borrowed their car to a friend and was unaware it had been abandoned.
8:58 a.m., 19000 block Frontage Road, Detroit Lakes, items were reported missing from a vehicle after giving an individual a ride.
9:14 a.m., 600 block 4th Street, Audubon, a caller reported that the night before, a 45-year-old Detroit Lakes man became unruly during a high school basketball game between Lake Park-Audubon and Win-E-Mac Secondary. The man made obscene gestures with both hands and grabbed a 71-year-old referee during the game. No report of injuries. The case is under investigation.
11:46 a.m., near the White Earth Post Office, assault. A 44-year-old man assaulted a 30-year-old woman and broke her lip open. No medical transport was needed. The man fled the scene and remains at-large. An attempt-to-locate was placed on the individual. The case remains under investigation.
12:14 p.m., 26000 block Beaver Trail, Ogema, report of inappropriate sexual conduct.
3:22 p.m., 51000 block 270th Street, Osage, mailbox damage. The suspected vehicle was discovered nearby in a roadside ditch. One person was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

Saturday, Jan. 15

12:12 a.m., Rural Osage, inappropriate sexual conduct. A caller reported their 24-year-old girlfriend had been raped by an unknown male party while she was intoxicated. Medical attention was given. The case remains under investigation.
4:41 a.m., County Road 21, Detroit Lakes, inappropriate sexual conduct. A 33-year-old woman said she woke up with pants around her ankles after being intoxicated and believes she was sexually assaulted. The case remains under investigation.
9:35 a.m., 400 block Main Avenue, Callaway, motor vehicle theft. A gray, 2006 Pontiac G6 was reported stolen and found a short time later on vehicle jacks with the “axle out.”
11:11 a.m., near south Tulaby Lake Lane, Waubun, snowmobile crash with an unresponsive driver. The 45-year-old driver, Morgan Allan Leiseth, was transported via air lift to a nearby medical clinic for treatment.
12:06 p.m., 200 block Sunnyside Street, Ogema, fatal medical. A 65-year-old man was discovered deceased from an unknown medical incident.
2:33 p.m., 200 block Sunnyside Street, Ogema, suicide related. After speaking with officers, the individual was determined not to be suicidal.
5:32 p.m., 1100 block Roosevelt Avenue, Detroit Lakes, a maroon and black, 2009 Pontiac G6 was reported stolen.
9:11 p.m., near Rattle Snake Circle, Ogema, unauthorized account use.
11:48 p.m., 36000 block County Road 21, Ogema, physical domestic. The incident is under investigation.

Sunday, Jan. 16

12:29 a.m., near County Road 21 and north Little Floyd Lake Road, Detroit Lakes, reckless driving. The caller claims a man tried to run their vehicle off the roadway. No injuries. A 38-year-old Detroit Lakes man was arrested in connection with the incident.
2:40 a.m., at the Holiday Inn Lakefront at 1115 Highway 10, Detroit Lakes, theft. A coat with a mobile phone and keys in the pockets was reported stolen.
12:50 p.m., 47000 block Mashkiki Street, Ponsford, domestic incident resulting in an officer-involved pursuit. A 26-year-old Ponsford man was arrested on an unrelated warrant.
1:04 p.m., 14000 block County Road 43, Frazee, fatal medical. A 56-year-old man was found unresponsive. CPR was administered, but the man was pronounced dead from an unknown medical incident.


Monday, Jan. 17

9:06 a.m., Audubon, in July, a then-juvenile female reported being sexually assaulted. The case is under investigation.
9:47 a.m., near Wine Lake Road and Highway 10, Detroit Lakes, a semi-truck was reportedly stuck on the train tracks. Burlington Northern was contacted and rail traffic was halted until the truck could be moved.
2:31 p.m., near mile marker 5 on County Road 225, Becker County, a vehicle struck a pole causing injuries to the driver. A 29-year-old man was transported to a nearby medical clinic with unknown injuries. The incident is under investigation.
6:29 p.m., 26000 block 120th Avenue, Lake Park, assault. A 42-year-old Lake Park woman reported being elbowed in the face by a 28-year-old Lake Park man. The man fled the scene on foot and the case remains under investigation.
6:48 p.m., 100 block Wisconsin Street, Callaway, domestic incident involving throwing personal items. A 55-year-old Callaway woman was arrested for violation of a no contact order.
6:53 p.m., 36000 block Mission Road, Ogema, assault. A caller stated a 20-year-old Mahnomen man was pistol whipped and bleeding from the head. The man declined medical treatment and declined to give a statement.

Tuesday, Jan. 18

8:46 a.m., 25000 block Brandy Lake Boulevard, Detroit Lakes, assault. Last night, a physical altercation involving multiple people resulted in a man suffering minor injuries. He refused medical transport. Sometime after the incident, the front door window of the residence was broken and the homeowner believes someone gained entry. The case is under investigation.
9:50 a.m, 500 block Jennifer Street, Audubon, past action assault reported. The assault reportedly occurred about a year ago.
11:20 a.m., 4000 block 4th Street, Lake Park, vehicle tampering and theft. A white Dodge pickup truck was tampered with. The catalytic converter was partially cut, $500 worth of tools were missing, and the front bumper was damaged when the thieves removed a lightbar from the vehicle.
4:44 p.m., near mile marker 30 on Highway 10, Lake Park, a semi-truck and trailer was reported jackknifed across westbound traffic lanes. No injuries.
10:02 p.m., 25000 block County Road 125, Park Rapids, burglary. A small safe was stolen from a bedroom closet. Prescription medication was also stolen. No forced entry was discovered and the residence was found to be unlocked. The case is under investigation.

Wednesday, Jan. 19

1:15 a.m., 11000 block Lake Maud Drive, Detroit Lakes, house fire. Fire is believed to have started in the laundry room.
1:44 a.m., near County Road 14 and Highway 59, Callaway, a car was stuck on the railroad tracks. Canadian Pacific Railroad was contacted and the car was cleared after about an hour.
8:47 a.m., 700 block Lake Forest Circle, Detroit Lakes, fraud. Amazon scam.
1:03 p.m., 600 block Vigen Lane, Lake Park, suicide related. A caller said a friend made threats of self-harm via text message. A crisis team reached out to the individual.
1:58 p.m., 1100 block Washington Avenue, Detroit Lakes, the rear window of a vehicle was smashed.
7:12 p.m., 25000 block Brandy Lake Boulevard, Detroit Lakes, past action assault reported. The case is under investigation.
9:07 p.m., at Walmart at 1583 Highway 10, Detroit Lakes, gas leak reported. Minnesota Energy personnel were dispatched and cleared the scene for normal operation.

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